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what is class and object explain with example?
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# 1
Classes and objects are separate but related concepts.
Every object belongs to a class and every class contains
one or more related objects. A Class is static. The
attributes of a class don't change. An Object on the other
hand has a limited lifespan. Objects are created and
eventually destroyed. Also during that lifetime, the
attributes of the object may undergo significant change. A
class is a general concept while objects are the specific
and real instances that embody that concept
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# 2
class is templet of an object. object is a instatiate the
class.Object is super class of all objects.

Class One{ //class

public void getMethod(){



public static void main(String[] args)
One one = new One(); //one is an object of that class.
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# 3
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Prachi Bidwale
# 4
its true class is a variables and functions. 
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# 5
object is a realworld entity which have some proporty and is a runtime entity in is a
partitioned area of memory containg data and function to
process the data.
class is a collection of simillar type of is a
user define datatype
class muna
muna ob1;
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Manas Kumar Maharana
# 6
Object has states and behaviours. An object is instance of object.Exp:states-colour,name,breed and behaviour-wagging,barking,eating.
A Class is a template/blue print that describes the behaviour of object.

public class Dog
string breed;
int age;
string colour;
void barking()
void hungry(){
void sleeping(){
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Shubham Saurabh
# 7
class had not any methods and variables class pointed to
where we get methods and variable
object have methods and variables
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# 8
Class is base of OOPS and the user define data type;class is hert of any program. 
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Achal Pagar

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