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how to calculate the steel for rcc slab?
plz tell me the formula for calculating the steel?
 Question Submitted By :: Civil-Engineering
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# 1
there is no general formula for the calculation fo steel
(reinforcement) its depend upon the design of the structur
,for whih load and moment acting on the structure are
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Md Gulam Moinuddin
# 2
For Tender purpose, just take valume of RCC conc.X 110 =
steel in rcc
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Mahendra Gaikwad
# 3
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Shashwati Nag
# 4
for calculating the area of steel in rcc slabs,
ast = ( M ) / (.87*fy*(d-.42*xu))
M= moment corresponding to entire loads of span in one
meter length
fy= characteristic strength of steel
d= depth of slab
xu=lever arm depth depending upon the type of fy given
in Is:456-2000
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K.srinivasa Rao
# 5
Design steps of one way slab
1. Depth of slab
d= lx/20 * M.F. (M.F. = Modification factor)

Assume the dia. of bar (8, 10, 12) and
Final overall depth
D= d+15+0/2
d= d-15-0/2
2. Effective Span
This is taken as the lesser of the followings
a) Center to center distance between followings
L= lx + t
L= lx + d
3. Load
Consider 1m width of the slab and find out the total udl
a) W = (Self weight + Live Load + Floor finish)
b) Find factor load
Wu = 1.5 * w
4. Factor bending moment
Mu = Wu * l/8
5. Equating Mu limit to Mu find the depth req. if it is
less thand than O.K otherwise
Increase D & repeat 2, 3, and 4
Mulimit = Mu
6. Area of main steel
Pt = 50fck/fy (1-√1 4.6 Mu / fck bd)
Ast = Pt/100 *100* d
7. Spacing of main steel
S = Area one bar * 1000/ Ast
Check: - a) 3d
b) 450 mm
8. Distribution Steel
Astd = 0.15 % of Ag -Fe 250 (mild)
= 0.12% of Ag Fe 415/5000 (torque)
Ag = b.D
9. Spacing of distribution steel
S= Area one bar * 1000/ Astd
Check: - a) 5d
b) 450 mm

10. Check for depth
a) v = V/bd
b) Pt Zc
c) Zv < Zc .. No shear reinforcement req.
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Aanand Babasaheb Chougule
# 6
Two Methods, First from Calculation, 2nd using SP16
1st Method Compute K= Mu/(fcu x b x d^2)
for Fy = 415 if K<= 0.138 Singly Reinforced

Calculate Z/d = 0.5 + sqrt { 0.25 - K/0.865}

Area of Steel = Mu / { 0.87 x fy x Z }
Z is Lever Arm Distance Between CG of Tension and Compression Force

2nd Method
Calculate Mu /{b x d^2}
Check Table 2 to 5 of SP16 based on Concrete Grade
It gives Percentage of Steel Pt for given Grade of Concrete,steel and Mu/{bxd^2}
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Hemant Gor
# 7
ast = ( M ) / (.87*fy*(d-.42*xu)) 
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# 8
Ast=(0.5Fck/Fy) into(1-(in sqrt(1-((4.6Mu)/^2))into bd
Fck=grade of cement i.e M25, M20
Fy=grade of steel i.e.Fe415,Fe250
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# 9
It depends on type of loading on the slab
normally we go for ly/lx ratio after to find out one or two
way slab
depending on the loading condition u can find out IS
456-2000 Code book to
find the rft depends on moment acting on the slab
if it is two way slab provide shear reinforcement on all
four corners
better u can study design of concrete structures in slab
there is
calculation arrived by some model examples
but field condition is difference follow depends on
structural designer
u cannot ask direcly what is the formula for design the slab?
u have to read more book then u know
Saif Bin Darwish
Abu Dhabi
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Devendran Chandrasekar
# 10
using code book to find out is one method is456-2000
another method is design of rcc slab by limit state method
u refer any author
u check one way or two slab slab
what is ur liveload , dead load , seismic condition and
factor of safety
then u go to table or manual both will be same or it may be
slightly different
dont ask basic questions
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