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Q.1.What is differences in STRDBG and STRISDB debugging 

2.Where we should use STRDBG and STRISDB Debugging commands?
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I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Sorry for the above mistake ,i have mistakenly wriiten...

the correct answer :

1.STRDBG can be used in both RPGIII & RPGIV
2.STRISDB can be used only in RPG III
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# 2

STRDBG can be used for both RPG/400 & RPGILE(RPGIV)
STRISDB can be used only for RPG/400.

Also STRDBG can be used for both Interactive & Batch pgms,
whereas STRISDB has to be used only for Interactive programs.

It's a bad idea to use STRISDB even in RPG/400, because it
consumes lot of resources & is very slow.
On the contrary STRDBG is very fast & can be used almost in
all the scenarios.

Therefore STRISDB needs to be used when the pgm is invoked
through menus/application screens & not called directly.

However try to avoid using STRISDB to the max. extent possible.

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# 3
hello friend this is ankur "Fresher"

well there are three program model
1. OPM original pgm model
2. EPM Extented pgm model
3. ILE Interactive lanaguage envirnoment
SO for opg hve clp and rpg prms ,strisdb is for this model only
and strdbg is for ILE

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Ankur Saini
# 4
STRDBG basically used in RPGIV programs while STRISDB used
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# 5
STRDBG can be used to debug both batch and interactive
programs where as STRISDB can be used only in interactive
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Swetha P Rao
# 6
both STRDBG & STRISDB can be used in both RPGIII & RPGIV
whereas u cannot use STRISDB in RPGIII
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