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what is the function of generator exciter
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Exciter is providing DC supply to AC Gen Rotor,the DC
supply is improving the magnetic flux density in AC Gen.So
your Generating voltage is rised ,which is upto your rated
Is This Answer Correct ?    51 Yes 16 No
Sivasamy K
# 2
exciter is giving dc source to the stator field windings
in case of generators
if we give dc source what will happen is create constant
magnetic field around electromagnets
so whenever rotating conductor cuts the magnetic field the
emf will be induced ,this emf have collected conductor bars
so power is produced
exciter main function is maintaining constant dc source
Is This Answer Correct ?    17 Yes 6 No
# 3
Excitor produces AC suply which is converted into DC by means of retifier or simply diode bridge.This DC is provided to rotor magnetic field winding producing stong field because DC peak value is high and it is constant.Thus induces Current in the stator armature conductors.In this way,exciter excites the
Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 0 No
Muhammad Zafar Iqbal(uet Lahor
# 4
the function of exciter is to generate the rotor magnetic field and thus control the terminal voltage of the Generator and also to vary the MVAR output of the Alternator. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 3 No
# 5
exciter gives the DC supply to the rotor of the ggenerator
developing a magnetic field,with the help of exciter we can
also vary the pf and voltage level of generator.
Is This Answer Correct ?    15 Yes 15 No
Mohit Parmar
# 6
the main function of exciter of alternator is operate the
alternator and give alternating supply from the D.C source
and to maintain constant terminal voltage by controlling the
reactive power
under overexcited the machine supplies lagging reactive
power and in under excited it consumes the reactive power
Is This Answer Correct ?    8 Yes 21 No

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