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WHERE to use CVT & PT.
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
cvt is capacitive voltage transformer this is using from
132KV level
PT potential transformer this is using upto 132KV level
beyond this PT is not economical. CVT and PT both r step
down transformer. both r using measuring and protection
purpose but CVT we can use communication CVT
capacitor acting as a potential divider.
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# 2
CVT & PT both are protection & measuring devices. CVT is
used for high voltages above 132 Kv while Pt is used below
this. CVT has an added advantage that it can be used for
carreir communication.
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# 3
CVT means capacitive voltage transformer
PT means potential transformer
both are same in view of votage measurment
CVT is used in the line ckt while PT is used in the bus Ckt.
for ur kind informtion CVT may be used as PT but PT can not
be used as CVT as per .
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# 4
We have 2 types of VT in the power systems:

1- Inductive Voltage Transformer (VT or PT)
2- Capacitive Voltage Transformer (CVT)

The main difference between VT and CVT is that the CVT is
based on capacitive voltage divider principle which steps
down the high voltage to a lower voltage level that can be
measured easier. This can make the VT much less bulky (save
space) and also less expensive. This is why that for voltage
levels up to 132 kV, it’s common to use conventional VTs but
at voltage levels more than 132 kV we use CVTs.
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# 5
Generally the PT or CVT are used to measure voltage.

The secondary of the PT will be 110V which will be connected for the voltage measurement. For high voltage applications like 132 or 230 or 400kV. Designing the PT for 132 to 110V will be very bulky and practically leads to very big size.

Hence for high voltage applications we use CVT. The CVT is constructed using serious of capacitors. Consider we are connecting 10 capacitors of equal rating in series. Hence the voltage along the capacitors are equal we will take output of one capacitors are connect it to a PT and secondary of PT 110V will be used for measurement.
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# 6
VT and CVT are besically use the same fundamental physics for measure the voltage at sedondary as according to its primery..but the besic diff. Is VT usually use for measurement to voltage for protection ckts as well for metering purpose, CVT also can be use for the same purpose but additional advantage with CVT is it can be use in communication purpose as it does have the capacitors as a fliter who can diff. The communication signals and protection signals or you can say tele protection also the purpose depands on the classes of VT and CVT as according to requirement of protection and communication like over voltage pro. Distance pro. Or metering as per requirement 
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Pankaj Kumar
# 7
it is connected bet communication wavedrop and is
used for met & is nothing but acapacitor arrangement
due to this large level of voltage will be stored and due
to small stepdown transfomer inside it is reduced to as
plant req.Ex;400kv/1.732/1.1kv/1.732.
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# 8
CVT means capacitive voltage transformer which is connected
between the lightening arrester and CT,which is used to
measure the voltage in the line in higher ratings,PT is
connected at the end of the bus bar system which is also
used to measure the voltage.
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# 9
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# 10
The only difference is in its usage...

The VTs are used upto 132kV level
the CVTs usage starts from 420kV level and above..
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Ramesh Kumar K

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