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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
4. What is a disadvantage to using bridges in your network? 
A. Filters by MAC address
B. Stops broadcast storms 
C. Doesn't stop broadcast storms 
D. Can only use up to 4 bridges in any LAN 
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# 1
c.doesn't stop broadcast storm 
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Kushal Singh Bisht
# 2
Answer: C
Even though the 5-4-3 rule specifies you can only have 4
bridges in a network, that is not really adisadvantage. The
disadvantage to bridging is that it filters by MAC address
and cannot create separate
networks like a router can. This means that if a broadcast
storm was to take place a bridge will forward the
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# 3
filters by mac address 
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