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What is the function of Lightning Arrester & Wavetrap in
Power system ??
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
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# 1
lightning arrester is a device which is used to protect the
equipment against flashing of light or overvoltage by
providing low impedance path for current to ground.
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Vipul Kumar
# 2
Lightning Arresters or Surge Arresters are always connected
in Shunt to the equipment to be protected, they provide a
low impedance path for the surge current to the ground.

Wave trap is a parallel tuned inductor - capacitor 'tank'
circuit made to be resonant at the desired communication
It is the effort to utilize the same transmission line
between two substation for the purpose of communications.
At this communication frequencies the tank ckt provides
high impedance and does not allow to pass through them &
onto the substation bus & into transformers.
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# 3
Wave Trap,

This is varying the impedance...

The Application is PLCC(power line career communication)

Linghtining Arrester:

This is grounding the surge voltage.....
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# 4
lighting arrerester s=are used to protect system from the
over voltages like flashs occered themn its act like low
impedance to ground
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# 5
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# 6
Lightening Arrester is connected in shunt with the lines so
that is protects from lightening.

when ever the lightening occurs, there is a voltage around
some thousands of voltage appear on line (3500V to 5000V)
for a fraction of seconds(25 to 30micro sec.s) which is more
than enough to damage all the equipment in the grid
connected to it. so when a lightening arrester is connected
then is provides low resistance path such that all that high
voltage is directed towards the earth resulting the
protection of all the equipments connected to the grid.
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# 7
To protect human life and property, design engineers have to
install lightning protection systems on every GRID
SUB-STATION . The main function of the system is to capture
the lightning stroke, over voltage and then conduct
discharge current safely to the ground. Since there are 100
lightning discharges to the ground every throughout the
world, installing lightning protection systems are very
important for safety to human life and station
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Atul Mishra
# 8
wave trap dictinguishes b/w power freq waves and
carrier communication waves
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# 9
Lighting arrestors are used to protect the system from the
lightining surges/high voltage surges.

wave trap is a device that can remove, filter out or
exclude noise and interference from a wave, usually a radio

It may also be called a Rejector-circuit for radio systems
It is an electronic filtering device designed to exclude
unwanted signals or interference from a receiver.
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Trilok Kumar (engr-electrical)
# 10
a wawe trap is the device which trap the high frequency
signals to enter into substation.
As XL =2 Pi w f L as impedence is directly proprtional to
frequency thus provide high impedane for high frequency
(carrier frequency)& vice versa.

lightning arrester prevent the substation from lightning
impulse, under normal condion impedace of air gap is high
enough for the voltage i.e no discharge, in case of
lightning high voltage appears around air gap and cause a
discharge through air and go to ground and prevent from
Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 0 No
Jay Prakash

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