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how does electrical train works and what type of motors are 
used to drive the train?
which level of supply voltage is used?
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
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# 1
electrical train works with electrical drive " asystem
consists of motors , gears and belts "
the type of motor used is direct current motor or exactly
dc series motor becas it has high starting torque for
moving the train from the stationary state
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# 2
First the train receive 25KV supply from the overhead
transmission line and it step down and converts it into D.C
voltage. And given to D.C series motor. Because the motor
needs heave starting torque to move the stationary train.

Anybody kindly give e a feedback.
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# 3
Motors used for electric trains are 3-phase induction
motors,DC series motors
3-phase induction motors- from the sub sstation the supply
is 25 KV or 33 KV.Loco consists of a step down transformer
where this 25 or 33KV is stepped down to 750 v to 1500 v.
DC series motors -600 v dc
force or torque is tansferred from motor shaft to pinion,
gear wheel,driving wheel.
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# 4
Electrical train works by DC series motors.25Kv supply is
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# 5
Electric Trains work on DC Series motors

The Overhaed supply is 25kV AC supply. It is step down and
rectified to use at DC supply
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# 6
Electric train runs by using either DC Series Motor or 3-
phase Induction motor
the train receives 25kv voltage, transformer in it steps
down the voltage to 600v ac and then converted to dc for dc
series motor and 750v ac for induction motors.
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# 7
train use dc series motor...the 25kv 1phase catenary is
stepdown and converted to dc.......this dc supply is given
to dc series motor........
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Dileep Gopalakrishnan
# 8
Train uses the d.c series motor.An electric train recive
25*1000v from the overhead lines which voltage rectifi(step
down) by the transformer to 600 a.c voltages which further
convert to d.c voltage bcoz d.c series motor for starting
torque high.
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# 9
I think that an electric train work on the 3phase induction motor. And they use capacitor start for running the motor during the starting condition to produce high starting torque which produces high starting speed.....
hit yes if u support the answer given by me or else comment on it if it is wrong so that i can get to know my capability..
Thank you....
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Santosh Devath
# 10
Basically, DC series motors are employed in electrical train
on Traction. It uses DC series Motor because it has high
starting torque and good speed regulation.

Here overhead supply is used 25KV AC. First it step down and
then converted into 750V DC which is applied to DC Series
Motor.(Some area uses 1.5KV DC in overhead)

when a train get start it uses series connection of 2 or 4
series motor. It provide high torque.

After starting, it uses parallel connection for high speed
and less torque
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