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Tell me about ur college life?
 Question Submitted By :: HR-Questions
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Wow..! My college days are unforgettable and in fact
those days are happy days in may life. Every student has
those days in their life's as well.I enjoyed myself a lot
when i was in Jr.College. I have learned a lot from my
professors. When ever i was wrong they corrected me. They
used to be very friendly with us. We used to have
competitions. No matter whether we win the competition or
not, but they used to tell us participation is very
important. They were very supportive and encouraged us in
all things to grow up in our life's. We used to crack jokes
on others. We used to comment on others. We used to bunk the
class. we used to jump the walls for second show movies. If
we caught by sir's we led to punish. In fact I experienced.
So, college life is so beautiful, no body can forget those
days in their life's and those days will never be back again.
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# 2
I did my Masters in Computer Science from SPACES College,
Andhra. I am an average student but sincere.
As the college was far from house, i rented a room and
stayed with my friends.We watched movies, studied together
and shared our thoughts and joyous moment together. We
spent 40% of our time on studies and 60% of our time on
other aspects of life.I came out of my college in flying
colors and it was from those days i realised the importance
of wonders that teamwork would achieve. I proudly feel that
i cherished every moment of my college life.
Is This Answer Correct ?    210 Yes 32 No
# 3
I'm doing my Masters in Computer Science Engineering from
Kongu Engineering College.It's one of the best 100
Engineering Colleges in India. My college is in Erode
District, Tamilnadu and i stayed in hostel with my friends.
In my college my inspiration is my Dept HOD. Whenever i get
a doubt regarding my project he helped me a a lot. Me and
one of my friend were keen in working with Wireless sensor
network and often discuss about it with my professor. My
professor mailed to IISC Bangalore professors and made an
appointment with them. He take us along with him and we went
to IISC and met two professors. We discuss about the current
research project in Wireless sensor network. The professors
from IISC gave their ideas which was very helpful to us. We
came back to college and we work in avoiding Man-Animal
conflict using sensor networks along with my professor and
finally presented a paper in International Conference held
in VIT. Thanks to the professors and this is my college life
where i get a opportunity to explore.
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# 4
I did my MCA degree at Madurai Kamaraj university as a part
time coarse at Karpagam College of Arts and Science
Echanari-coimbatore. During that time i learnt many computer
programming languages individually at the nearer computer
centre, at the same time i took classes for school, college
students, and some employees as a week end coarse (on
Saturday and Sunday). So, i got little better knowledge from
the learners. I have the confident i know very well that
basics of computer languages. so i believe i can learn the
new technologies in computer as self study with comparison.
Many times i felt i missed the college life. But gods grace
i got the knowledge
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# 5
i have done my diploma in cse from shaheed udham singh
polytechnic college. it was in tangori near mohali. i never
forget the days college . it was so good and i learn most
about life, about study. moreover many good are there
studying with me . all are cheerfull.
Is This Answer Correct ?    19 Yes 10 No
Sukhwinder Singh
# 6
my name is priya,i did my graduation in TCET in vandavasi.
During my college days i was staying in college ladies hostel only.I was an average student,but very good in other activities especially sports and my college we are mingle with other states there is no partial between us.we were enjoyed lots in classroom.on meantime of symposium we were get together and celebrate very enjoyable.There was a lot of fun i had in my college days.
Is This Answer Correct ?    9 Yes 3 No
# 7
I DID MY COLLEGE in vivekanandha college of engineering for women namakkal. It was a ver wonderfull college with healthy surroundings which has lot of trees and plants.I ALSO ENJOYED EVERY MOMENTS OF MY COLLEGE .WE 2 HAD FUNS AND ENJOYMENTS.OUR STAFF MEMBERS WERE VERY GOOD AND HELPFULL TO US.WE USE 2 COMPLETE OUR WORK AT VERY MOMENTS .ONE day i took seminar in my class .I was the only student to delivered the complete lecturer in english for which i was appreciated by my mam.And therefore i cherished each and every moments of my college life which was unforgetable 
Is This Answer Correct ?    6 Yes 0 No
# 8
Gd mrng madam/sir.iam gayathri,iam from potti sreeramulu coll. of engineering,it is in vijayawada.,iam from c.s.e ,i chose computers ,because i like and Iam fond of computers,after the completion of my intermediate ,based on the eamcet rank,i got seat in the vijaya womens college,but my father saw the college, and he didn't like the college and based on my relatives opinion he joined me in pscmr,
.,as the college was a litle far from house.,i went to college by bus. the 1st day i entered into college with a lot of enthuasium, was a great experience for me, the college was good. ,i had a lot of fun and good frnds,i had felt the good times and bad times too..,my family and my frnds suppported me and encoraged me a lot at difficult times/hard times.
i had learned a lot of things about life apart from studies., i met different people with different kinds of behavior,i behaved with all with frndly nature,i got 5 frnds..,in the first 2 yrs i faced some problems,but totally i enjoyed a lot, at the lab times too, i entered into the labs with a lot of curiosity ,and i had a lot of fun with my frnds ,we cracked jokes on others, we chitchat with each other.,we studied and prepared well at the time of exams only,
and i have stage fear ,and a bit nervousness while giving seminars,bt now i had improved a lot along with my communication skills,my frnds and teachers encouraged me a lot while giving seminars,.thats all about my college.,thanking u for giving this golden oppurtunity,
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# 9
Starting a new life in college can seem a bit strange and it
is important that you learn a few tips and tricks to be sure
you will survive and also enjoy college life.

The first thing and the most obvious is that money is going
to be vital, so make sure you pay your essentials before
spending for enjoyment during your college life. The
majority of students live in shared accommodations in their
college life. Because this may be the first time they share
space with non-family members, this is the time when college
may either become enjoyable or hellish. If you can develop a
boundary with your roomies, your success is guaranteed.

Make sure you have the time to study for your exams
undisturbed and then you can enjoy your new college life.
Although you cannot change people around you, as long as you
clean up after yourself, your life will be much easier. In
this new college life you will meet lots of new people, but
donít let this affect your relationship with your family or
those back home. Remember that you had a life before college
and you will have one after it as well. Also, maintaining
relationships with your friends from outside college life
can be a form of relaxation when your college life gets to
be a bit too much.

There arenít many rules that teach you how to settle into
college life but you have to give it a chance. Donít rush
back home every time you run into some difficulties because
then you would find it harder to adapt in real life as well
as in college life. Also, the best part of college life
happens on weekends, so donít miss them. College life can be
sometimes so exciting that you wonít remember the most
important things: to sleep well and to take care of
yourself. You should enjoy college but donít forget to rest
and concentrate on your studies .
Is This Answer Correct ?    7 Yes 6 No
# 10
hi frndzzz,i did my B.E degree at xxx engineering college.that was a nice experience for me.i'm an average student.i have lot of frnds in my college.and also during that days i was stayed in hostel.that life was more enjoyable and unforgettable moment.we enjoyed gang is consist of 23 peoples.their v r staying with strong east or west. CSE is best.their only i learned many things.not only studies.i learned most important things for useful to lead this life with more achievement and life is like a is more precious than any other thing.i like that very much.and also i'm straight forward person.if anthing i don't like i ll tell straightly to that person.and also i won't bother about that.some times they felt lot.but i don't care about that idiotic things. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    10 Yes 10 No

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