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What is the process to restart the multiload if it fails?
 Question Submitted By :: Teradata
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
If Mload failed in the Acquisition phase just rerun the
job.If Mload failed in Application Phase:
a) Try to drop error tables, work tables, log tables,
release Mload if required n submit the job
from .Begin Import onwards.
b) if ur table is fallback protected u need to make sure un
fallback and use RELEASE MLOAD IN APPLY sql.
Then resubmit the job.

Advanced Teradata Certified Professional
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# 2
Modification to Answer#3 placed above.
Mload fails in application phase: Then e can not access the

1. The solution is we need to restart the mload job or drop
the original table and worktable and logtable and error

2. If we remove worktables, errortables and logtables then
we can restart the mload job. If we try to restart then it
gives the error messages saying worktable is missing for
the table. Even release mload also doesn't work.

2. If we don't remove: Then if we restart mload job, then
it will be fine and start from the checkpoint, of the last
block that have updated to disk.
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# 3
slight modification in answer 5:
if Mload got failed in Application phase then either you can
restart it by simply resubmitting the job again and it will
be fine and start from the checkpoint, of the last
block that have updated to disk but if you don't want to
restart it then you need to drop the two error tables one
work table one log table and release mload from the target
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# 4
-->Logtable should be retained in case of a restart.
-->In case of a Teradata failure, TD will automatically
restart multiload once TD is up or just resubmitting will
restart from the checkpoint.
-->In case of a mainframe or any other network failure,
just resubmitting will make the job easier. TD will
automatically restart from the halted point.
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# 5
The above ans is only when the MLOAD failed in acquisation phase

To release lock in application phase failure in MLOAD


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# 6
Log Table: MultiLoad requires a LOGTABLE. This table keeps
a record of the results from each phase of the load so
that MultiLoad knows the proper point from which to
RESTART. There is one LOGTABLE for each run. Since
MultiLoad will not resubmit a command that has been run
previously, it will use the LOGTABLE to determine the last
successfully completed step.
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# 7
MULTILOAD will creates 2 error tables, 1 work table

When MULTILOAD fails We have to unlock the Main Table, here
error tables and work tables are not locked like FLOAD

To Unlock the Main Table in Mload


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