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Hello All,

My B1/B2 visa is 2 times rejected in a year so that can I
apply it third time. visa consoller didn't give any specific
reason only told that you didn't convince the visa consoller
if i will applied  third time then what's  impact on it.
Please suggest me
 Question Submitted By :: USA-Business-Visa-B1-Visa
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Hello Kumar

One of my frnds also faced the similar problem in the past.
First time, his B1/B2 got rejected. He re-applied for the
second time (in a gap of 2 months) and again got rejected.
Later, after a gap of around 1 year he went through AMCHAM
(American Chambers and Commerce) and got through

Questions he might ask you at the consulate are ..
1) Whats your company profile ?
2) Whats your job profile ?
3) What is the purpose of visiting to the US ?
4) Who is goin to bear all your expenditure ?
5) How soon wil you return back to India ?

Suggestions :
1) Dont give him an impression that you have relatives and
frnds settled there in the US.
2) Convince him that you are goin to come back to India as
soon as your training is completed in the US (Probably in 2
months period)

Needless to say, be perfect in all your documentations...

All the best ..
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G Nagi Reddy
# 2
I'm German Citizen. Our Visa was denied 3 times and I think
I will not apply for another one. There is no time period
between the Visas. We have a vacation home in the US, and we
think this is the main reason, they think we will stay
because of this. They shouldn't allow non citizens to buy
anything when they take taxes and then reject each Visa
application. This cost money and nerves. The person who
interviewed us denied to take my documents, just looked at
it for one second and said he has a very good memory. They
think they are greater than God. This all has nothing to do
with your Nationality if Indian, German or whatever they
have the power. Even if you will get a Visa the guy who
stamps your passport can reject you and send you back thats
the power of the USA.
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Gudrun Weber
# 3
MY B1/B2 also rejected twice in a Year.. so i would also
again apply for US VISA. As i got denial twice... i only can
say. it's only depend on luck...nobody can determine only in
5 minutes. otherwise they will be like GOD. so just try your
luck next time..

Karma Karta ja Prani, Fal ki iksha mat kar...
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# 4
god is great 
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# 5
hi Kumar

i just suggest u to applied for 3 times us visa.
why means some time the embassy will issue a visa.
see us visa is 90 percent depend upon a luck.
so i suggest to applied for us visa.

good luck.
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# 6
I am also applying for the Third Time how much interval
needs to be between second and third attempt and how many
attempts are allword
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Vijay Soni
# 7
Hi, did you finally magaed to get the US visa? I have been
rejected once although i have travelled 10 countries in
last 1 yr including schengen countires twice. i truly
travel for my business, I m into exhibition business 7 go
to diffrent coutries to help my client to set exhibition
booth. ... I am planning apply gain... do let me know what
happend finally with your Visa?
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Sanjeev De
# 8
Hey Kumar
I am not sure how old is this post but here is what I heard
from my counselor that I happen to meet at a party. This is
what she said broadly.

.Have you profiled yourself? Are you married? Since how long
have you been living where you are living? If married how
lomg have you been married for?

If the answers to any of the above questions is a lesser
number, then chances are that your VISA will be rejected
more often that not.

If your other 2 interviews were conducted by someone senior
to the person who would take your interview the 3rd time.
110% chance of failure. Your interview would last 15 seconds
max which would include pleasantry exchange.

How I can say this, you would say?

I have travelled to US for 5 years now and have been
associated with the same firm for that time. My company last
year invited my wife to travel along with me for the first
time as a gesture of the work that I have done with the
same. Ofcourse you would know what transpired.

The explanation for rejection:
1. Your husband go to US and work on a B1/B2. Doesn't he
know that you can't work? That was said to my wife.

She said he goes for meetings and client's visits and does
not work/earn money. To that it was said, We are not sure
what he does there.

2. He has been travelling to US for 5 years and thus for him
to be back in the country we would need you to stay in India
as then HE has to be back for you. Our marriage at that time
was 6 months old.

So in other words I & my wife will be a RUNAWAY convicts we
two are allowed to go there together.

3. The Visa was rejected the 2nd time, the reason. The 1st
interview was taken by a senior and thus the 2nd interview
thought that he does not have the authority or the judgement
to overrule or atleast look into the seniors decision again.

4. At a later date I and my wife were given these choices to
go for it a third time.
a. Apply after 1.5 to 2 years time, so that they see you two
are together.
b. Make a baby, so that they know India is where you will
c. Ask your firm to apply for a H1 visa and then ask your
wife to apply for a dependent Visa. Then they will have to
send my wife if I get H1.
d. Travel to UK or some better know EU countris on a holiday
with your wife.
e. Have LOADS of money in your account within next 1.5 years
and maintain that balance consistently.

They face a lot of heat from everyone and they are know that
their process is not full proof. However, the large volume
of bad cases and applications many a times let them take a
wrong decision and stick with it.

I can't say apply for the 3rd time, since I have also seen
cases in which the visa was given even after a 3rd
rejection. But those are far and few in-between.

Best Wishes
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# 9
Also once I rejected because of language phonetics and i dint reply properly i repeat "pardon" in every question that-swhy got nervousness also. so please give suggestion how I Convince why visa had been rejected,what should make the point in front of consular.

eBellus Inc,
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