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What is the difference between HMI,SCADA and MMI,not
 Question Submitted By :: Instrumentation
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
HMI and MMI denotes devices, but SCADA refers only
software, which can loaded in any computer.
HMI and MMI are one and the same (H-Human and M-Man). Both
gives same meaning. It depends on supplier nomenclature.
But SCADA is an advanced version of this (Its like
difference between MS dos and Unix).

In SCADA, data history can be provided whereas it is
generally not possible to get in MMI or HMI.

HMI and MMI are cheaper and more suitable for small
applications compared to SCADA.
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Rajesh J
# 2
Hey, HMI and MMI are same, Graphical units. You can say,
Hardware Which can give view of system's process. One can
input data from it as well.
Now a days we can have PLC's which have graphical units but
usually process related decision making is not work of
GU,they are only done through if operator decides something.

In case of SCADA we can have all decision making and
Graphic display through it. Hence in that case you can
operate your plant through SCADA or can integrate number of
PLC and HMI in single SCADA to operate from main control
room as supervisory unit.
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# 3
HMI & MMI both are same.
HMI is a harware device by whcih we can control the process
by changing status such as ON/OFF, cetpoint etc,
SCADA is a graphical representation of a system which
monitor,control & display data in a process,
For lage scale application we use SCADA & for small scale
application we use HMI.
HMI does not require any communication software while scada
requires it.
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# 4
First about HMI and MMI:

MMI- Man Machine Interface
HMI- Human Machine Interface

Initailly MMI layer was name given to computers of Control
room to intrface (to view, to modify, to log data) with DCS
system. Later on even ladies started working in process and
control room so they change to Human Machine Interface. HMI
layer consists of many operator consoles and an engineering

About SCADA:

SCADA is Supervisory Control amd Data Aquization.. This is
a vendor made program usually for PLC. Initially PLC was
made for dedicated package (AI, DI and DO ) but later on it
was started using for Contols, so it was required to
modify, log the data in the computer so each vendor develop
software compatible with PLC hardware which gives facility
for operator to watch, control and save history of the
process parameters
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Parag Pathak
# 5
HMI (Human Machine Interface) and MMI (Man Machine
Interface) are the same and have discussed earlier in
SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acusition) is a software
package which uses aur local control systems (eg. DCS or
PLC) to control or monitor " Our REMOTE location
If our Field (Hazerdouse area) and Control room (NON
Hazerdouse area) are is same geographical locations then we
dont have any need of SCADA.
But if our field and control room have different
geographical locations (Like main control room of
Offshores, gas plants / supply stations all over the
country etc) then we need SCADA integration with our MCR
control system.
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Malik Shams-ul-arfeen
# 6
SCADA :- Its a software package which can be installed in
PC to create user defined program.

HMI :- Its an Electronic module with pre installed program
(which can be editable) and control buttons.

But SCADA and HMI doing the same functions.

SCADA & HMI(MMI) refers to a system that collects data from
various field devices to monitor and control the process
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Ibrahim S
# 7
SCADA: It is a full of software package or visualized
software this we can develop a diagram
(eg:process level.tank level) as per your field instrument
located in your industry.

HMI: It is also give the same meaning but in hmi hardware
part also available. in HMI no need of communication
software but in SCADA it is must(eg:RS-LINX CLASSIC..etc)

MMI:HMI and MMI both are same,earlier this was called MMI
now we are calling HMI.
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Manikandan - Panruti

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