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what is the difference between Public sector bank & Private 
sector bank
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# 1
Public Sector bank means any Government Sector
Bank/Institute that goes public... means that issues it
share to general public.. It also has a greater share of
government(more than 50%) so that the main motto of social
welfare other than Maximising Profit remains.

Where as Private Sector Banks are those Banks where the
management is controlled by Private individuals and
Government does not have any say in the management of these
banks.Maximising profit is the basic motto.
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Anil Chauhan
# 2
public sector banks are those banks run under the control
of government and their prime motive is the welfare of the
general public . whereas private sector banks are those
banks run by the private individuals and their prime motive
is to earn profits
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# 3
A private cector is an economy is made up af all businesses
and firms owned by ordinary members of the general
public.It also consist af all the private households in
which people live..,whereas, public sector is an economy is
owned and controlled by a government . It consist of
government businesses and firms ,and goods and services
provided by the government,such as the national health
service,state education,jobs,roads,public parks nad law and
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# 4
a public sector bank also looks for funding developmental
work in the country as the government has a majority share
in it. the first objective would always be to make profit.
every organization whether private or public is here to
make profits so that it could justify their existence.
but public sector banks involves public also. public here
means common people like us.
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# 5
Public banks are those banks which are owned,governed or managed by
RBI(Reserve Bank Of India)and Public banks are strictly follow the rules
regarding the RBI......
Public Banks have there own respect and existence......
Public Banks are charged interest on loans as fixed by RBI.....
Salary of Public Banks' members or workers have fixed........
Public Banks's have right to intersect with other countries.....
Private banks are those banks which are not owned, managed and
control by the govt. ......
Private Banks have not there own existence any time they can shutter
down the Bank.......
Private Banks member's salary are depended upon the how much they
(Bank) earn........
Private Banks have not right to intersect with other outside country
means govt. of India not allowed to provide any services related to other
Private banks' shares have no garntee.......
THANK YOU-----A.R.Sharma
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Arpit Sharma
# 6
public sector bank is one where there is control of the government and there is absolute say of the government.motive is social welfare.

private sector bank is managed and controlled by the private individuals and there is least government interference . it is controlled by the rules set by the central bank (rbi) . motive is profit maximization.
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Saumya Thakwani
# 7
private sector is an economy that made up of all business
firms owned by ordinary members of general public ,whereas
in public sector is owned by government and it provides by
govt,such as education,roads etc.....
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# 8
Private And Public Banks
Banks have been broadly divided into private and public.A
private bank is that in which there are but few partners,
and these attend personally to its management. A public
bank is that in which there are numerous partners or
shareholders, and they elect from their own body a certain
number, who are intrusted with its management.
The business of banking consists chiefly in receiving
deposits of money, upon which interest may or may not be
allowed; in making advances of money, principally in the
way of discounting bills; and in affecting the transmission
of money from one place to another. Banks in metropolitan
cities are usually the agents of the banks in smaller
communities and charge a commission on their transactions.
The disposable means of a bank consist of - First, the
capital paid in by the partners, or shareholders. Second,
the amount of money deposited by their customers. Third,
the amount of notes they are able to keep out in
circulation. Fourth, the amount of money in the course of
transmission - that is, money they have received, and are
to repay, in some distant place, at a future time.
These disposable means are employed - First, in discounting
bills. Second, in advances of money in the form of cash
credits, loans, or overdrawn accounts. Third, in the
purchase of government or other securities. Fourth, a part
is kept in the banker's till, to meet the current demands.
Of these four ways of employing the capital of a bank,
three are productive, and one is unproductive. The
discounting of bills yields interest; the loans, and the
cash credits, and the overdrawn accounts, yield interest;
the government securities yield interest; the money in the
till yields no interest.
The expenses of a bank may be classified thus: Rent, taxes,
and repairs of the building or premises in which the
business is carried on; salaries of the officers;
stationers' bills for books, paper, notes, stamps, etc.;
incidental expenses, as postage, light, heat, etc.
The profits of a bank are that portion of its total
receipts - including discount, interest, dividends, and
commission - which exceeds the amount of the expenses.
Banks as Commercial Institutions. In commercial language a
bank is a repository, or an establishment, for the purpose
of receiving the money of individuals;either to keep it in
security, or to improve it by trafficking in goods,
bullion, or bills of exchange;and, as stated above, it may
be either of a public or of a private nature. A public bank
is generally regulated by certain laws, enacted by the
government of the nation or state, which constitute its
charter, limit its capital, and establish the rules by
which it is to conduct business. A private bank, on the
other hand, is merely a contract among individuals, for
carrying on a trade in money and bills; and the
responsibility of the partners is usually the only security
of those who transact business with it.
Banks then are properly commercial institutions which by
affording credits, or issuing notes, as the representative
of money, enable merchants, with greater facility, to buy
and sell commodities, at home or abroad. The produce of one
country is thus exchanged with that of another, by means of
a medium to which an ideal value is attached; hence the
great utility of banking establishments in all commercial
Classification of Banks. Private banking is the oldest form
of the banking business and, as is well known, the
antiquity of banks is very great. Records exist of banking
transactions among the Assyrians and in the Metropolitan
Museum in New York there are Babylonian tablets bearing
distinct records of transactions in banking that took place
in the reign of Nebuchadnezzar.
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Sachin J Khade.
# 9
public sector bank mens service give to public. what is a response of public about service and facility. that is public sector bank. and it's government base. other than i am talking about privet sector bank mens not connect to government. 
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# 10
Public sector banks are now not anymre less than the
private sector banks.they are also up to the mark and level
of the private sector banks,no doubt it will take some more
time to come compeletely up to that level..
Is This Answer Correct ?    104 Yes 210 No
Mani Gupta

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