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I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
1.loader arm desigin changed
2.cabin desigin modified
3.hyd pump location changed
4.higher capacity gear box fitted (torque converter ratio
increased )
5.3DX vechile speed increased up to 36 kmph
6.Hyd / diesel tanks are dittachable
Is This Answer Correct ?    31 Yes 4 No
# 2
1)totally 3dx is economically profitable machine.Now a
machine has a new type oil cooler which is more cooling
effect to machine.
2)transmission filter modified.
3)axle modified.
4)hydraulic pump modified.
5)carbine modified.
6)swing lock is operated by switch instead of lever in 3d.
7)transmission reversal unit is completely differ from 3d.
8)electrical system and routing is modified.
Is This Answer Correct ?    27 Yes 2 No
Raghavendra Naik
# 3
Differnce is 3DX having extra features ra waste Fellow 
Is This Answer Correct ?    27 Yes 10 No
# 4
3D consume for fuel beacause of 86 hp power engine where 3dx is 76 hp and double pump which is more powerfull than 3d.3dx is more compact than 3d 
Is This Answer Correct ?    28 Yes 11 No
Raghavendra Naik
# 5
Cabin was changed, cabin frame as changed, speed will more
and pawer will more.
Is This Answer Correct ?    13 Yes 3 No
Thalla Kanthaiah
# 6
more powerfull mechine,running speed also increased,front
bucket weight increased so mechine go to hill area
safely,front bucket flatted type so ground leveling
easy,gear liver and loader liver in fitted to nearest
driver to operate easly,but totally maintenence is very
high compare 3D.
Is This Answer Correct ?    13 Yes 6 No
# 7
X is the difference 
Is This Answer Correct ?    25 Yes 45 No

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