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What is the difference between a PROC step and a DATA step?
 Question Submitted By :: SAS
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
we can create the sas data set from raw data file in data step

Then in proc step we can do the analysis on sas data set and
also we can get o/p
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# 2
Data step to read and modify data , creates a SAS data set
and begin with DATA statement.
Proc step to perform specific analysis , produce results
and begin with PROC statement.
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# 3
proc to produce output

data to read the information
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# 4
A Data step can be used to:
1)Put your data into SAs dataset
2)Create and format values for new variables
3)Creating new dataset in terms of sub setting,merging and
updating existing dataset.
A Proc step can be used to:
1)To print a report
2)Derive descriptive statistics,charts and plots
3)To create tabular report,create frequency chart etc.
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# 5
Data step : typically create or modify SAS data set and
they can also used to produce costom-designed reports
Data step used to 1.Put data into SAS data set, cumpute
variable, check for correct error in data, Produce new SAS
data sets by subsetting, merging, and updating existing
data sets

PROC step : They pre-written routines that enable us to
analyze and process the data in a SAS data set and to
present the data in the form of a report

PROC steps sometimes create new SAS data sets that contain
the results of the procedure

PROC steps can list, sort, and summarize data
PROC steps are used to:Create a report that lists the data,
Produce descriptive statistics,Create a summary
report,Produce plots and charts
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Pankaj Kokate
# 6
Generally, Proc Step is used for analyzing the dataset in
SAS without changing the dataset, to produce different outputs.

Data Step is used to change/modify/create new datasets in SAS.

Exception: Proc Sort/Proc Sql; here u can create new dataset
or modify the existing one..
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# 7
It creates or modifies data.
It analyze and process the data.
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Aruna Bangalore
# 8
Data Step is a data reading and formatting tool,

Proc step is a report writing and analysis tool.
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# 9
data set block:-
1)data set block is to create a 'SAS' file for analysis and Report
2)data set block is used for permanent storage of SAS file
procedure block :-
1)PROC steps can list, sort, and summarize data
2)PROC steps are used to:Create a report that lists the data,
Produce descriptive statistics,Create a summary
report,Produce plots and charts
3)procedure block is used for temporary storage of sas file
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# 10
For the Bonus Point: Don't forget to mention PROC SQL that
can read,format,manipulate data as well as PRODUCE reports
and data sets.
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