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Explain with example : Test Scenario, Test Suit And Test 
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# 1
Test Scenario: Test Screnario is the condition or situation
for which the testing need to be done.
For e.g If we take the example of the ATM machine. The ATM
m/c has following functions
-Check the balance
-Withdraw of money
-issue of passbook
-mini Statement.

So we can consider each functionality as a scenarion and we
can follow the basic and alternate flow to write the test

Test Suit: keeping same functionality test cases together
is called as Test Suit.

Test Case: The action to carried out to test a particular
functionality is called as test cases. It consists of
Steps, Description, Expected Result and Actual Result
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# 2
Scenario testing is a software testing activity that uses scenario tests, or simply scenarios, which are based on a hypothetical story to help a person think through a complex problem or system for a testing environment. Writing Scenarios is writing stories that are motivating, credible and easy to evaluate.

• CARE Hospital uses a Hospital Management System (HMS) to manage patient activities with the hospital. The system includes features to manage outpatients as well as inpatients. An outpatient is someone who consults a doctor, is prescribed medication and leaves the hospital the same day. An inpatient gets admitted to the hospital.

One of the features of HMS is "Patient History", which stores patients’ history, both for outpatients and inpatients. The HMS helps doctors in better diagnosis and treatment by providing them access to important patient information. Individual functions of the HMS application have been well tested and each feature works properly. And yet, under scenario testing, the HMS failed the following test. Here is the scenario it failed.

Bunny, a middle-aged man goes to a hospital with pain in his arm. He is asked to wait for the relevant doctor and his details are entered as an outpatient. While waiting to see the doctor, he starts experiencing a severe pain in his chest. He is immediately admitted in the hospital and his status is changed to inpatient.

In the test scenario, Bunny’s history was initially entered as an outpatient, and later in the day his status was changed to inpatient. After making the entries in the HMS, the tester logged into the application as a doctor to review Bunny’s Patient History – however, the history page for Bunny was blank. This led to the discovery of a bug that when Patient History is first entered as an outpatient, and then the patient status is changed to an inpatient the same day, the Patient History does not transfer over.
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# 3
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# 4
thnx vidya darling
its very helpful
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