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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (2000)
How did you spent your last day,sunday,?
 Question Submitted By :: Call-Centre-AllOther
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# 31
I am glad,u ask this Question,Last sunday, I had to return in my Hometown because saturday evening my father made and inform me that they are going to arrange a big worship ceremony, so packed my clothes.All family members were present there, we arranged that ceremony with pomp and shows. After that we enjoyed,and i was so happy,In evening i was so tired and i did not take my dinner and i took sound sleep. 
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Gaurav Kumar
# 32
i woke up at 10 in the fresh,took the breakfast and then i had sm plans for a went at my friends place,picked him up and we both went for a movie..came back at around 6 in the evening,took sm snacks,went online for an hour or so to check ma mail around 9:15 had dinner And finally went to bed at 10.. 
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Sahil Kapoor
# 33
on da last sunday i was busy to spend time with my
girlfriend..i woke up at 8 at morning nd aftr tat i took
bath nd had a very lovely brkfast of allu paratha with
butter.At 10 i was accompanied with by college friend and we
are played cricket over there in our college play groung..i
was very tired so after came at home i had slep from 4
aftrnun to 9 i had my dinner with my family.nd
retired at 11
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# 34
got up about 5 a.m.then took a bath and ablutions and offered first prayer.then chatted with my family members.then changed my dress and visted some friends 
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# 35
# 1

I was go with my freind for movie
the movie is really good for me
because in this movie i saw who i don't no.
than I was go for boating.and than i return to my home
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# 36
last sunday i woke up around 2:30...had couple of
cigerrates and after that i again went to bed and slept
till...1:00 in the morning.....SUNDAY IS OVER!!!!
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Vimal Lahora
# 37
last sunday at 3am in the morning I woke up and went out
side on the road as I didn't get sleep. I happen to see a
couple nudely on the forbidden roads. With
excitement I went to them silently.....but they recognised
me and the asked me to join. I was very happy to hear from
them and I too joined them.i dont know really what to do n
how to do the 60 yr old man told to put my || into the (.)
of 35 yr old lady and spoke to make random movement . I
tried hard and I never left her upto 40 mins. I sucked her
bubbly boobs and he told me to stop and asked money. I have
no money then I told him then he replied to his ass.
Being not a homo I did it and ran away from there
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P Amar Nath Reddy
# 38
I spent last Sunday very happily.
I walk up 8`O clock in the morning.
I brush my teeth and go for skating with my friends.
I do sometimes skating.
Then I go back to my house and take bath.
At 11`O clock I take my breakfast and watch T.V..
At 1:30 P.M. I had my lunch and take rest.
In evening I do my home work.
At 8`o clock I had my dinner.
And after 1 hour 9`o clock I went to bed and fall asleep.
Is This Answer Correct ?    32 Yes 55 No
M. Zaid
# 39
As matter of sunday ,I did some extracurriculum activities
like watching movies ,practice myself singing because I am
good singer for some specific voice
Is This Answer Correct ?    15 Yes 59 No
Arun Kumar Nayak
# 40
last Sunday, I woke up at 9.00. Then i got fresh, then i
spent some time at home. Around 12,
Is This Answer Correct ?    25 Yes 105 No

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