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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (2007)
How did you spent your last day,sunday,?
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# 1
last Sunday I woke up by 6, then I went to gym. I spend round about 2 hors over there. After that I came back to
home and got fresh n then I took my breakfast, then I
worked onto my PC for some time. After that I went to my
friend's home, after spending some time over there, we went
to a mall and passed some time over there. Then I came back
took my lunch. After that I took a nap. I spent my evening
at home with my parents and I worked onto my PC for some
time and around 9 PM I took my dinner and at about 11PM I
went to bed.
Is This Answer Correct ?    244 Yes 48 No
Ajay P. Singh
# 2
last Sunday, I woke up at 9.00. Then i got fresh, then i
spent some time at home. Around 12, I went to meet my
friends,we decided to watch a movie in shipra mall, we
watched movie, roamed in market in the evening, then atlast
I had dinner and came back, then i talked to my friends on
phone and finally retired at 11
Is This Answer Correct ?    238 Yes 87 No
Sameer Varma
# 3
last sunday i woke up at 9,got fresh n had my
afternoon i watched television n slept for some time.In the
evening i sat infront of my pc n had played a game, then i
had my dinner n finally i get to bed at 11.
Is This Answer Correct ?    94 Yes 61 No
Raman Ghavri
# 4
Last day i woke up by 5:30,and went for a morning walk.I
spent 2 hours over their and after that i came back to my
home.And i got fresh and took my breakfast.Then i worked on
my PC for some time.
After that i went to my relative's home and after spedning
a good time their i just came back to my home and took my
lunch.After that i took a short sleep.
I spent my evening with my family.And after that i played
games on my PC and around 9pm i took my dinner and at about
11 pm i slept.
Is This Answer Correct ?    64 Yes 31 No
Sameer Sharma
# 5
i got up by 6 in the morning, then got fresh, After that i
decided to go to market for buy some wages for lunch,then i
returned at my home, i prepared lunch for my room mat and
me, around 12:00 i took a lunch and i decided to rest for
a while, After getting refresh i sat myself infrent of my
PC, i saw a movie ,the name of that movie was (blue sea),
in that movie ,there was a fish , three person cought that
fish for his own perpose, there was a doctore among them,
and they decided to make a drug of that fish's mind , they
were trying to increase the mind of fish for geting drug in
huge quantity, but in interwal in the movie i saw that fish
got lots of mind and fish decided to kill all of them,fish
stareted to kill one by one having of good mind, in the end
fish has killed most of people who were working in that
process,only one presone who did't like to take the benifit
from fish only that persone was save but all of those who
wanna take the benifit from fish's mind were die,
con:- we never disturb the rules of GOD,
becouse every who is born on the earth has right to live
according to himself, so plz never do that,
If you have liked my story please write
somre words about this, by bellow E-Mail ID
Is This Answer Correct ?    98 Yes 67 No
Anil Chauhan
# 6
Last Sunday i woke up at 8 am in the morning!!After having
tea went for walking,came back around 9.30read newspaper
with tea after reading news paper i took bath had my breakfast.
A friend called me up for some gathering i went there
..where i found some of my old friends then we had some
snacks over there It had been decided by all of that we will
go to India Gate for ride with one of my friend new
we all went there,enjoyed well and thereafter i came back to
my home had dinner with family, went to bed.
Is This Answer Correct ?    66 Yes 43 No
Manish Awasthi
# 7
last sunday i woke up at 9:00am.I got fresh then i took my
bath and had my breakfast.I also helped my mother to cooked
that breakfast.Then after around 12:am i went to meet my
friends as we already decided to watch a three d in pvr
spice.We watched that and it was one of the best experience
of my life because that movie was very much different from
others movies.then after we had our lunch and raomed in the
mall.Then around 7pm icame back to my home and told the
experience of the day to my di.Atlast around 9pm i had my
dinner & finally retired at 11pm. but i realy enjoyed my
sunday and get a new experience.
Is This Answer Correct ?    24 Yes 5 No
# 8
As usual i got up at 6in the morning. than i got fresh and
after some time i did brush and took bath then doing little
worship in front of god i had my breakfast. Then I went out
for my friend's home and there we watched a movie and aunt
represent us with dilicious food and we did lunch together
around 4 o'clock i came back to my home and did some
household work and then in the evening i work for a while
on my laptop and after that i did some study for my bank
exam prepretion and at last I had my dinner with my mama
and went to sleep around 11P.M.
Is This Answer Correct ?    7 Yes 2 No
Sanjeet Yadav
# 9
last sunday i woke up by 8,then i went to morning walk.I spend about 30mins over there. after that i came back to home & got fresh & then took my breakfast.After that i went to meet my friends, we decided to watch a movie in DLF mall,we watched movie over there then come back to home then i had dinner &talked to some other friends on phone & finally retired around 11. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    6 Yes 1 No
Neetu Sharma
# 10
Sunday is free day for me. On this day I do my all pending
works as usual. On this day I make call to my sweet family
and all of my friends who are living far from me. So let me
tell you hole day what all I did on last sunday. I wakeup
8AM and than I went to natural call and got freshed and
than I prepared breakfast and I took with my room partner
and than I went to cafe and used net for half an hour over
there. And returned to my room and started to making call to
my sweet family and all of my friend. And than I did my all
pending work within 1hour.about 11 o'clock my friend made
call to me and proposed to watch movie.i said yes as I was
thinking to go somewhere. And than we reached cinema hall
till 12PM and got ticket from ticket counter. we enjoyed
3hours over there and we returned from there and brought
some-daily needs and slept and I wake up 6pm and prepared to
food and take dinner and than i study for 1hour and went
bed. that's all from my side .
Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 1 No
Harish Garg

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