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which grade of concrete is the strongest?
M20,M25,M30,M35 or M40?
 Question Submitted By :: Civil-Engineering
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# 1
Is This Answer Correct ?    407 Yes 40 No
Manoj Sinha
# 2
M40 is the high strength concrete bcz it has 40 N/mm2
strength.others are less
Is This Answer Correct ?    240 Yes 14 No
# 3
Its M40 
Is This Answer Correct ?    156 Yes 13 No
# 4
M40......bcuase it have a high characteristic compressive
strenth attained in 28 days.....
Is This Answer Correct ?    149 Yes 6 No
# 5
Its depend upon mix design 
Is This Answer Correct ?    192 Yes 88 No
# 6
M- 40 is strongest It depends upon the design mix, . M-40
means its strengthis 40n/mm2
Is This Answer Correct ?    64 Yes 5 No
Nagesh Raj
# 7
Is This Answer Correct ?    52 Yes 6 No
# 8
Strengh of M20 = 20 MPa
Strengh of M25 = 25 MPa
Strengh of M30 = 30 MPa
Strengh of M35 = 35 MPa
Strengh of M40 = 40 MPa

So, M40 has the highest strength. When the grade of concrete is directly given, mix ratio doesnt come into picture. We use proper mix to get the desired grade of concrete.
Is This Answer Correct ?    41 Yes 2 No
# 9
M40 becoz the ratio of cement:sand:aggregate is higher
then the other. which are the core factor for any mix. the
property of any mix like compreesive strength,
characterstic strength etc . largely depends on the ratio.
Is This Answer Correct ?    50 Yes 12 No
# 10
As the grade of the concrete increses, the strength gets
Is This Answer Correct ?    30 Yes 2 No

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