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Please let me know the journal entry for the below.

"A" paid Rs.100 to "C" on behalf of "B"
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# 1
In the Books of A

B A/c Dr. 100
To, Cash 100

(C is just a third party, Receiving the money on hehalf of
B. As in the books of A there is no out standing against C
but it is against B)

In the Books of C

Cash A/c Dr. 100
To, B A/c
(In ths books of C it must be receivable from B, so B must
have said to A, that the money which you owe to me please
pay directly to C

In the books of B

C A/c Dr. 100
To A A/c 100
(paid by A to C)
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Keyul Gandhi
# 2
in "A" BOOKS

'B' A/C DR.
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Madhusudan Chauhan
# 3
B a/c dr 100
To cash a/c 100
(Being paid to C on behalf of B)
As per the instructions we paid to c we need not debit C in
our books of accounts
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# 4
B's A/c DR. 100
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Rohit Ajay
# 5
than the entry will be

B a/c Dr for Rs 100/-
And C a/c Cr for Rs 100/-

because you are asking for journal entry according to this
journal entry the liabilities of party b has been end and
the liabilities of c has been arise than now we can pay
C a/c Dr 100/-
Cash 100/-
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Mohd Kadir
# 6
although C is also involved in this transactions,however
it`s not going to make any difference in this particular
transaction.refrence of C can be given in narrations while
passing such entry.
B Dr. 100
To Cash 100
(being rs.100 paid to C on behalf of B)

another way of dealing this transaction is as following..

(1) C Dr. 100
To cash 100

(2) B Dr. 100
To C 100

the ultimate effect is
B Dr. 100
To cash 100
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Rahul Dixit
# 7
C Account dr 100
TO B Account100
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