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What is KRA and KPI?
 Question Submitted By :: Human-Resources
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
sorry guys KPI is an acronym of key performance
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Amit Kumar
# 2
KRA = Key Result Areas
they are the results or outcomes of general areas for which
a particular department is responsible. A particular job
roles entails about 3-4 KRA's.

KPI = Key performance indicators
KPI's are attributed to the individual job role or
department. they can have effect on producitvity or
business. They can be measured ( usually self measured).

For, e.g KRA of H.R - Performance Management
KPI= Performance Appraisal to be done once in a year
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# 3
KRA stands for Key Result Area
How it works I will try to explain.

At first the BOD(Board of Directors) decides upon the
Objectives of the company and set a period specific target.
This Target becomes the KRA of the CEO.
Then it get divided till it reaches the bottom most rung.
KRA of each person is linked and fulfillment of KRA will
lead to fulfillment of objective set by BOD. Hence, if one
person fail it will hamper the attainment of the desired

‘Knowledge, Skills and Abilities’ - Key Performance
Indicators. Tasks that have been agreed between an employee
and line manager/HR with an expectation that they will be
completed satisfactorily in the time agreed or as an
ongoing task.
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# 4
Hi, I have learnt from Dr. Lee Kar Ling that KRA (Key
Result Area)is the output os an individual or section or
department that will serve as an input for another or
contributes toward organization success. It is a task or
activity that must be done to ensure success (primary job
responsibilities). KPIs are quantifiable measures used to
measure the critical success factors within an organization
to determine the organization's performance level. KPI is a
measurement or indicator that provides inforamtion on how
far the company has succeeded in achieving its strategic
objectives. Thus, KPIs are critical for the measurement of
organization performance.
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Cao Thi Quynh Chau
# 5
KRA Stands for = Key Result Areas
KRA's are the results or outcomes of general areas for
which a particular department is responsible. A particular
job roles entails about 3-4 KRA's depending on the length
of particular vertical.

KPI Stands for = Key performance indicators
KPI's are attributed to the individual job role or
department. they can have effect on total producitvity or
business. They can be measured (usually self measured).

For, e.g KRA of Sales - Sales Management
KPI= Appointment of RDS to be done.
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Rajeev Tiwari
# 6
KPIs assist the company/department to define and measure progress toward agency goals and objectives. Once the agency has analysed its mission and defined its goals, it needs to measure progress towards those goals. KPIs provide a measurement tool.KPIs assist an agency to measure that it is ‘on track’ – most often, that it is working towards and attaining a beneficial outcome or improvement. In many cases, KPIs are used in projects and to measure service delivery.

Whereas KRA is
“Key Result Areas” or KRAs refer to general areas of outputs or outcomes for which the department’s role is responsible.
Key Result Area in simple Terms may be defined as Primary responsibilities of an Individual, the core area which each person is accountable.
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Rajeev Sharma
# 7
KPI is not an acronym of key performance
is am abbreviation for key performance indicator.

An acronym an abbreviation consisting of letters that form a
word. For example, NATO is an acronym for the North Atlantic
Treaty Organization.
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Les Coles
# 8
Kindly read your KRA/responsibility towards your day to day
work @ office carefully and memories the same.

Providing periodic notification of system outages on
critical systems, and providing progress updates in
accordance with the Procedures Manual
• Resolving network connectivity problems at the
client end.
• Provide feedback to users on viruses and educate on
necessary prevention.
• Setting up of Software standards for desktops
installed - to ensure uniformity in operating systems,
• Office Automation products, Third-party software,
Applications, Anti-virus tools. Connectivity software. Etc.
in line with the standard image.
• Ensure adherence to security policy of EXL.
• Update all desktops, laptops with latest updates,
security patches etc.
• Monitor all machines for latest patch updates and
update manually if not updated automatically
• Troubleshoot problems with Laptop Hardware and OS
• Configuration of devices attached to laptops ( PDA)
• PCMCIA / Wi-Fi Cards configuration and
• Laptop IMAC
• Application support – Desk side for business
• L1 on Server/Network
• Skills to provide Remote support on Phone or
through tool
• Support for the Critical end users
• Trained on client handling skills and soft skills
• Responsible for providing IT assistance to include
application support, hardware and software installation and
• Troubleshoot problems with Laptop Hardware,
Application, printer and OS
• Standard configuration of Laptops, VPN related
issues resolution
• Proactively checking all the IT assets of VIP users
(frequency is once in a month)
• Maintaining updated list of all VIP users across
India with their laptops and peripheral details.
• Helping VIP users in Web chat and WebEx sessions
• Execution of regular SRs.
• Management of user accounts and access controls to
client data
• Can handle installation and configuration of
Antivirus Software on all the Desktops/Laptops and Updating
of Anti-Virus patches.
• Responsible for the implementation, support,
administration and management of Windows NT/2000/XP
• Configuring Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express
• Response & closure of calls within committed norms
• Desktop/phone setup for projects
• Backup & Restoration
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Neeraj Arora
# 9
“Key Result Areas” or KRAs refer to general areas of
outcomes or outputs for which the department's role is
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# 10
key result area and
key performance indicator
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Medaboina Bhavani

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