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Explain complete concept of table handling in COBOL with an
 Question Submitted By :: COBOL
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
repeated occurance of a field in a file can be defined as a
table of occurance. for example the file has records of of
a student details. it has the following fields
student name
stud registration number
stud class
student mark1
student mark2
student mark3
student mark4
student mark5
first three fields will vary in number of bytes. but 4th to
8th fields will be having same number of bytes(same
information repeated). so when we usually define a layout
for the file we will follow the below mentioned layout.
01 stud-details.
05 stud-name pic x(20).
05 stud-reg-no pic 9(9).
05 stud-class pic 9(2).
05 stud-mark1 pic 9(3).
05 stud-mark2 pic 9(3).
05 stud-mark3 pic 9(3).
05 stud-mark4 pic 9(3).
05 stud-mark5 pic 9(3).

Here we can see that for marks we have five different
fields which is wastage of space. to prevent this there is
a concept called table . by this all the five marks field
can be defined using a single field.
01 stud-details.
05 stud-name pic x(20).
05 stud-reg-no pic 9(9).
05 stud-class pic 9(2).
05 stud-mark pic 9(3) occurs 5 times
occurs clause will occupy the value of stud-mark five times
which is equal to having the mark field defined five times.
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Sivakumar Sekharannair
# 2
Cool explanation... Hats off.... 
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