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A man got 30 aples in 1 Rs.Now he want 20% of profit on it.
How many apples He should Sell in 1 Rs.??
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# 1
30 apples = 100paise
he want 20% profit from 100 paise
20% profit in 100 paise is 20 paise
so now he planned to sell 30 apples for 100+20=120 paise
now the rate of 1 apple =120/30=4paise
for 100 paise =100/4=25.
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# 2
24 apples.

Number of apples for 20% profit= Total number of apples-20%
of total apples=30-(20/100*30)=30-6=24.
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Yogesh Agarwal
# 3
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# 4
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# 5
30apls =100p
1apls =100/30p
x apls =100p
1apls =100/xp
profit%=profit*100/puchase price

we will get x=25.
so he will sell 25 apls in 1 Rs.
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Yogesh Hooda
# 6
25 Apples.

Explanation :
he got 30 Apples for Rs 1 or 100 paisa.
Profit is 25% on CP, so SP is 120 paisa.

so now, he will sell 30 Apples for 120 Paisa means SP of 1
Apple is 120/30 = 4 paisa.

But he has to sell foe only 100 paisa, hence he has to sell
100/4= 25 Apples.
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# 7
cost of one apple is 1\30 i.e.0.033
now he wants to earns 20% profit
cost of one apple now .033*20\100
=.033 ( cost)+.0066(profit per apple )
selling cost of one apple = .0396

no. of apples sold = 1\.0396 = 25.25

so the ans. is 25
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# 8
since c.p=100/(100+profit)*s.p
30 apples=Re1
rs1.2=30 apples
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# 9
let s.p of 'x' apples=100p
also,SP = 1.20 OF CP
THEREFORE,CP of 'x' apples = 100/1.20=83.3333p
COST OF 1 APPLE=3.33p(30 apples in 100p)
no. of apples bought in 83.33p=(83.33/3.33)=25
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 3 No
Geetika Bhatia
# 10
24 apples 
Is This Answer Correct ?    2 Yes 1 No

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