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why the back wheel in the tractor is bigger than the front 
 Question Submitted By :: Mechanical-Engineering
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
I am sure that there are multiple reasons, but the main
reason the smaller wheels are in front are because they are
for turning. The rear wheels are made for traction and
stability, thus their size.
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# 2
as the radius of the wheel increases the torque also gets
increases....the front wheels are for steering the
vechicle...if the front wheels r big it will be very hard
for the driver to steer it....
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# 3
its not only a case of tractor, but for max. vehicles.
Basically driver wheel is always kept larger than the
driven where all-wheel-drive is not used. Driver wheel is
larger to utilize and conserve torque, as larger the wheel,
more the M.I. ,hence it can attain rotation for longer
duration. But as front wheel is not powered instead it is
just pushed, its M.I. should be less so that it can be
easily rotated,and thus less power is wasted in moving the
wheel. hence to keep MI low, it is of lower size. thats
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# 4
Tractor means (traction + motor)so in case of tractor the
requirement of torque is much higher then the other
vehical, as the application where the vehical uses farm,
off-road application dozer and loder, so it needs high
torque in driver wheel to prevent the machine to get slipe.

in tractor there are few speed reduction stages like
transmission, differentail, and final reduction (with bull
gear or planetory) thru bigger tyre can increse the contact
area with soil, which help to increse torque as the torque
(T= r(is the displacement)* f(is the force vector)
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Mahesh Lakhani
# 5
Tractors are mainly used for farming purposes where the soil
is loose.
When the driven wheel (rear wheels in tractor) exerts
pressure on the ground the force applied on the ground
depends on the area of inpression the wheel makes on the ground.
Larger the wheel size is, then larger the area of
impression, hence smaller the force on loose soil whch helps
the wheels not to get into the ground.
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K L Senthil Kumar
# 6
many resons for making small tyre in front of tractor
1. it reduce some aerodynamics resistance
2. steering stability
3. driving comfort
4. traction control
5. torque transmission
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Ram Krishan Singh
# 7
The rear wheel needs more friction for traction purposes so
they are large but front wheels are only for stirring
purposes so they are small.
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# 8
rear wheel having garater traction force,hence for easier
stearing we provide smaller wheel on front wheel
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Shashi Bhushan
# 9
Reasons for Having so is
1)Tractor needs Tractive force with low speeds which is
meant for soft terrains.
2)Since the Coefficient of friction between tyre and
surface contact is low in order to overcome this,tractor
produces high tractive force with low speed.
3)For steering stability and power consumption the front
wheel is designed small size.
4)Torque=Force * Distance(T=F*R) by keeping Force constant
and increasing Distance between Wheel axis and force
applied will increase torque which is desired
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# 10
I think most of vehicles the
power give in the bigger
wheel sides bcoz then only
we can easily turn vehicle any
direction without problems
but if give the power to small
wheels not possible to
turning and running as our
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