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MY interview Experience with TCS
 Question Submitted By :: Engineering-AllOther
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
hi all,
I am doing my 3rd yr BTech(IT) at PEC, Puducherry. TCS was
the first company to recruit at my college n fortunately I
was selected. Well, I wud lik to share my experience wid all
u guys who r preparing fr TCS.
TCS came to my college on 13th june. As always an interview
is preceded by a PPT (pre placement talk) wch started around
10 in the morning. An experienced person from TCS had cum n
was delivering a lecture about the company and all the
stuff. It was quite interesting. V were shown a movie about
the company and evry student was listening quite well. The
talk went fr about 2 hours.Immediately aft the PPT it was
announced that the aptitude test wud b conducted widin an
hour. Evry1 was busy makin a last minute preparation. Since
the test was conducted department-wise , I had my aptitude
only at 8 at nyt.
At 8 pm, we ppl were called into the lab since it was an
on-line test. The questions dat appeared to me were among
the usual 104 aptitude ques fr TCS (that I wil b including
along wid dis article…don’t worry!!) and regardin the
critical reasoning u gotta b thorough the BARRON’S 12th or
13th edition model question paper . Regarding English only
Synonyms, Antonyms, Comprehension and Fill up the blanks are
asked (believe me its too tuf to do well in English unless u
r thorough wid evrythin in BARRON….so its bettr to do well
in the other sections).For aptitude test,
English-20 mins
Aptitide-40 mins(30 ques)
Critical Reasoning-30 mins(3 ques)
I had completed the aptitude test and the result wud b
shown on the computer screen as soon as u click the “EXIT”
button. I cleared d test and next day was the interview.

I had reached college early by 9, prepared myself well n
was ready for the “challenge”. The interview process
consisted of two rounds: Technical n HR round.
In the Technical round, as soon as I entered the room the
interviewer welcomed me and told me to sit down. Then the
first ques I was askd was
Interviewr: Tell me about urself ??
Myself: I am blah blah blah….doin etc .. ( b well prepared
fr dis answer coz it gonna decide the way ur interview wil b
I: gud, den hw mch do u rate urself in C ??
M: 3 out of 5,sir
I: dats pretty gud..u r confident enuf
M: thnk u sir
I: well wats ur area of interest ??
M: OOP and Operating system( I sincerely don’t knw y he askd
me dis ques coz none of the ques he askd me were frm der..!!)
I: ok, do u knw about Software Developmnt Life Cycle ??
M: Actually I knew it but nw I cudnt recollect it sir..(try
to b sincere if u really don’t knw the answer..dont keep
bluffin….but don repeat the same evrytime a ques is askd to
u !!! giv an attempt)
I:do u knw abt process models in SEA ??
M: yes sir
I:tell me som !!!
M: waterfall model, …othrs I cudnt rem’ber..
I: draw waterfall model in dis papr..
M: I drew it n explained evry concept in detail
I: k gud…is software testing important and y ???
M: I tld dat it was imp n tld him the reasons
I: wat r types of s/w testing and explain
M: I did
I: explain ur project dat u hav done..
M: I did..
I:wel..watz its practical use ?
M: I tld him
I: r u ready to work anywhr in the globe n in India..
M:yes sir…anywhr so dat I can use my skills fr d betterment
of the organization
Etc etc
((( he askd me many more HR ques here n I answered dem
pretty confidently)))
I: do u want to ask me any question?????
M: I askd him one n he answered it well
I::K neeraj…thnk u …gud….u can leave nw..
M: thnk u sir..

Aft comin out of the room I was told to wait fr 10 mins till
the results were announced..
I was selectd fr the HR round..

Aft an hour I was calld fr the HR round..the first ques
he askd me was
Interviewer:“ tell abt urself”
Myself: I am .etc..
I: so ur area of interest is OS,,OOPS ryt??
M: yes sir
I: tell me watz an OS
M: user interface btw hardware n the user ….it performs
multi taskin ,,multi preogrammin etc..
I: watz difference btw the two??
M: I told him
I: wat r latest OS ??
M: I told ..
I: whr is IT usd at present
M: evrywhr sir….in hospital management..bankin,, airline
I: wat r latest IT technology usd in IT industry
M: sry i dono sir..
I: k…do u knw something about BLOGS???
M: I answered
I: so is wikipedia n bloggin one n the same?????
M: no sir…I tld him the reasons !!
I: r u read to sign a bond wid us fr 2 yrs?
M: vry mch sir//
(( den he askd me som more ques….i too answered))
I: do u hav som ques to ask me??
(( nevr say “NO QUES SIR”…jz ask dem somthin abt their
company…they wil b glad to answer u ))
M: yes sir…can u plz tell me wat r the latest technology usd
in IT industry??(( the ques dat i din answer))
I: k….SAP,,,ARP..etc….any othr ques??
M: wat wil b the kinda job I wil b doin aft my trainin??
I: projects in C,,JAVA….etc………….any othr ques???
M: no sir…thnk u
I: k thnk u …u may leave nw

( it was about 6 in d evening ..i was confident of getting
selectd.. The next day were the results…n I was selectd …n a
total of 237 out of 584 were selectd))

if u do hav any queries den plz feel free to mail me at
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