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what is data Abstraction? and give example
 Question Submitted By :: C++-General
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# 1
data abstraction is a process of representing the essential
features without including implementation details.
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# 2
Abstraction is the process of exhibiting only the essential
characteristics of an object depending on programmers
view.It is complement to encapsulation.
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# 3
data abstraction is the process of representing essential
details not including inter nal details.example index of
the book
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# 4
Data abstraction refers to, providing only essential
features by hiding its background details.
class result
int marks;
float percentage;
char name[20];
void input();
void output();

bank b1;

in the above example, b1 is an object calling input and
output member functions, but that code is invisible to the
object b1.
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# 5
It refers we can represents essential features without
including background details and explanations
index of text book.
class School
void sixthclass();
void seventhclass();
void tenthclass();
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M.harikrishnam Raju
# 6
in oops the data abstraction is defined as represent
essential features without including background details or
implementation details.class use the concept of data
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Pintu Gupta
# 7
data abstraction is a process of representing the essential
elements,hiding the back ground details.
Is This Answer Correct ?    73 Yes 20 No
Vishwajit Kumar
# 8
simply hiding implementation details and show what ever the
client programmer needs. there are two programmers in
devolopint the project Class Creators (who create new
datatypes) and client programmers (class consumers who use
data types in their applications).

It is helpful to break up the playing field into class
creaters and client programmers. The goal of the client
programmer is to collect a toolbox full of classes to use
for rapid application devolopment. The goal of the class
creator is to build a class that exposes only whats
necessary to the client programmers and keeps everything
else hidden. why because the client programmers cant use it
which means that the class creatior can change the hidden
portion at will without worrying about the impact to anyone
else. The hidden portion usually represents the tender
insides of an object that could easily be corrupted by a
careless or uninformed client programmer so hiding the
implementation reduces program bugs.

It is acheived in c++ through class boundaries (private
public and protected keywords...)

ex: class Light
Light lt.on();
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# 9
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# 10
Data abstraction is a process of representing the essential
features without including background properties(or)
implementation details.
Is This Answer Correct ?    49 Yes 14 No

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