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What is Space Selling in B2B? 
 Question Submitted By :: Marketing-Sales
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# 1
Sapce selling regfers to space available for advertising in
different media. The advertising media available are print,
electronic & outdoor.
Is This Answer Correct ?    151 Yes 24 No
Sukrit Varma
# 2
sapce selling,basicaaly refers to the selling of space
through differnt media houses i.e. print media,electronic
media,radio,internet and so on.
for examle:- when an ad comes is a newspaper its required
certain space in it,in this marketer or advertiser sells
the space of the newpapaer or magazine to their respective
clients,however in behalf of that clients pay a amount
which is decided by the media house acording to the size of
space taken.

similarly in electronic media also space sellig is done but
in the differnt form here SPACE refers to a certain time
limit in which advertisement is telecast,accordingly in
RADIO also slots are sold.
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# 3
space selling-selling a space in the mind of the customer.
this is done through various media.the media acts as a
bridge between the brands and their target group of
customers and the target comunication.the media can be
virtual,electronic,OOH,or even inside retail outlets.
wherever the target customer treads there he creates a
media.Space selling is actually a concept selling the
concept aims at building a lasting relationship of the
brand ,the customer and the medium itself.
Is This Answer Correct ?    68 Yes 34 No
# 4
Space Selling is all about to find out a space and sell it
through different media companies. With the help of
different channels like eletronic, redio etc...

Is This Answer Correct ?    15 Yes 7 No
Subhash Rajput
# 5
Space selling is the selling of space in a particular media like News paper,Internet,Television.where company can advertise thee product promotion and information with latest information. Media charging the rate according to area required by the company. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    11 Yes 4 No
Sunil Kumar Chourasia
# 6
Generally , space selling is one type of advertisement in
the web market or media. As far as B2B Certain , Space
selling is one form of revenue generator for them. For B2B
portal , they provide some space having defined size to make
advt for different suppliers. their rates also defer as per
pages. so simply space selling is to sell your web space and
get revenue for that.
Is This Answer Correct ?    10 Yes 8 No
# 7
space selling-its the area available in any media for different clients in different industries for making sure their own clients that they are differentiated in the market,they are unique in the market and also to say the customers that they are still floating in the market and to create a purchasing power from the customer side with a kind of creative artwork. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    1 Yes 0 No
Tony Tomy
# 8
It is the revenue making product in a print media. Selling
the space available or specified to the advertisers. It is
either direct or by ad agencies.
Is This Answer Correct ?    17 Yes 17 No
# 9
to provide space in website for advertisement called space
Is This Answer Correct ?    7 Yes 7 No
# 10
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Is This Answer Correct ?    1 Yes 1 No
Harsh Vardhan

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