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what is lifespan of an RCC structure?
Why the RCC structures failing in quater of its life span?
 Question Submitted By :: Civil-Engineering
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# 1
The lifespan of RCC is taken as 100 years.The RCC structure
failing in quater of its life span because of poor
cosruction means no proper mix of concrete used,bad
workmanship etc.
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# 2
100 years, due to poor workmanship, poor quality control. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    61 Yes 19 No
Sanjay Kantrao Kulkarni
# 3
we design the RCC structure for 100 years. failure of RCC
structre may have various reason, i.e over reinforced or
under reinforced, poor quality of work, falt design.
Is This Answer Correct ?    35 Yes 3 No
# 4
usual life span is 100 yrs. if a structure is properly
designed for flexure , shear torsion etc if workmanship
is good,steel properly bonded with no atmospheric contact
then the building will last for its life span
Is This Answer Correct ?    25 Yes 5 No
Kps Subhash
# 5
RCC technology is a gods gift on the earth its life span is
about to 100 years we cant say because invention of RCC
design is less than 100 years so that we are not conclude
the 100 years. some of the structures such as dams old
buildings life ia about 50 to 60 years they are very good
in condition.

Now why the rcc structures are fails due to lack of proper
designing imperior quality of material,not maintaining
quality control measures and last and final is lack of
proper curing in the structures.
Is This Answer Correct ?    19 Yes 1 No
Nissi Engieers, Guntur
# 6
As mentioned above, the life span of RCC structure is
assumed as 100 years if construction quality is assured as
per structural design and construction also properly
followed standard specification.
Is This Answer Correct ?    11 Yes 3 No
Kosh Nath Adhikari
# 7
RCC Structure is very long life span(assume of 100 years)
but some Reason for RCC Structure failed. 1st reason not
good material(Cement,Sand,Aggreats).2nd reason not good
qualitly & workbility.3rd reason not proper way mixes
disgine & curing.4th Reason not proper way steel provide
according to load
Is This Answer Correct ?    9 Yes 1 No
Vishnu Lal Jat
# 8
When the RCC was developed in the early mid twentieth
century, the quality of each input was taken into account
based of the cost of inputs and the quality of our
integrity at that time.

With passage of time the quality of inputs have gone down,
One because of poor integrity of each of us contributing
into it be it the material manufacturer or the worker at
the workmanship stage.


Two because the cost of each thing be it labour or
material, has gone up substantially, compelling the
manufacturers and material suppliers to supply material at
competent rates, thereby prompting them to compromise in
Also while the factor of safety taken into account at time
was 3 X 3 times with plain mild steel, now with torsteel it
has been brought down presuming that the structures are
never stressed to that extent.

I believe, if we we are able to correct our mentality and
if the buyer agrees to pay the hike in the cost towards
improving the material quality and the workmanship, the
life will be atleast 80% of the stipulated life of 100
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 0 No
Arun Verma
# 9
RCC Structure is very long life span(assume of 100 years)
but some Reason for RCC Structure failed. most reason Indian are less quality con sis
Is This Answer Correct ?    1 Yes 0 No
Harish Rajwar
# 10
what is the criteria behind 100 years?where it is
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 8 No
Manish Mathur

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