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write a c++ program to find maximum of two numbers using 
inline functions.
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# 1
using namespace std;
int main()
int c;
c=max(5,4); //will display 5
return 0;
inline int max(int a, int b)
return (a>b)? a:b;
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# 2
dont no 
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# 3
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

template<typename T>
inline T& max(T& x, T& y)
return x>y ? x:y;

int main()
char bx = 'a', by = 'b';
int ix = 1, iy = 2;
float fx = 1.5, fy = 2.5;
double dx = 2.5, dy = 1.5;
cout<<"char max:"<<max(bx, by)<<endl;
cout<<"int max:"<<max(ix, iy)<<endl;
cout<<"float max:"<<max(fx, fy)<<endl;
cout<<"double max:"<<max(dx, dy)<<endl;
return 0;
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