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Advantages and Disadvantages of different SDLC models?
 Question Submitted By :: Manual-Testing
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# 1
Advantage of the SDLC

@ Project Management
@ Documentation
@ Tried and tested Techniques

Disadvantages of the SDLC

@ Narrow Focus
@ Old Fashioned techniques
@Time and costs Overruns
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Dip Acharya
# 2
Advantages of SDLC model :

With an SDLC Model, developers will have a clear idea on
what should be or shouldnít be built. Since they already
have an idea on the problems that should be answered, a
detailed plan could be created following a certain SDLC
model. With an SDLC model, developers could even create a
program that will answer different problems at the same
time. Since everything will be laid out before a single
code is written, the goal is clear and could be implemented
on time. Although there is a great possibility of deviation
from the plan, a good project manager will take care of
that concern.

With an SDLC Model, programs built will have a clear
documentation of development, structure and even coding. In
case there are problems once the program is adopted for
public use, developers will always have the documentation
to refer to when they need to look for any loopholes.
Instead of testing it over and over again which will stop
the implementation for a while, developers will just look
at the documentation and perform proper maintenance
program. This means SDLC will breathe more life to the
program. Instead of frustrating developers in guesswork if
something goes wrong, SDLC will make sure everything goes
smoothly. It will also be a tool for maintenance, ensuring
the program created will last for a long time.

Disadvantages of SDLC Model:

Thinking about the disadvantages of a SDLC model is like
looking for a needle in the haystack. But the closest
disadvantage anyone could think of SDLC is the difference
between what is written in paper and what is actually
implemented. There are things that are happening in the
actual work that the paper doesnít see. This gives a good
impression for the clients especially for 3rd party
developers but when the software is actually launched itís
on a very bad situation. The actual situation of software
development could be covered by fancy paperwork of SDLC.

Another disadvantage of a program or software that follows
the SDLC program is it encourages stiff implementation
instead of pushing for creativity in different software.
Although there are SDLC models where programmers could
apply their creative juices, itís always in the realm of
what is needed instead of freely implementing what the
developers think of necessary in the present environment.
There are so many things that could be done by developers
if there are no boundaries or limitations in what should be
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Navjot Kaur
# 3
See all the guy is not asking about adv and dis adv of SDLC
He is asking the adv and dis adv bet diff SDLC models
like diff bet waterfall,Vmodel etc.
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# 4
Advantages of SDLC model :-

In SDLC model the user requirements are collected in the
begning of the development so the users requirement become
easy to understand so the developer can create a software
which fullfill the requirement of the user.
In SDLC model analysis are done in the users place so that
analyst can better understand the working of the user. And
can create a better analysis to create the software.
In SDLC model the developer has the written documentation
form which he can know the requirements of the user. So he
can develop a good software. This means if the
documentation is done in a good manner than the developer
can create the software much better.

Disadvantages of SDLC model :-

As there are many advantages of the SDLC model but also
there are many disadvantages of the SDLC model.
As SDLC model is completely based on the documentation done
by the analyst, if the analyst has not done the analysis in
a good manner then the created system/software will not
produce a desired output.
SDLC model always suffer with over design sometime it
offers many meaningless operations to do but doesn't offer
the desired operations.
As we know that we cannot freez the requirement of the
user/consumer. So, if the user changes his requirement in
the mid of designing phase then it costs a lot sometime
more than the cost of the project.
Sometime analyst chooses a platform which does not
available with the user. So its costs a lot to the user to
change the technology which he is currently using.
In SDLC There is a big disadvantage is the communication
gap between the user and the anaylst/developer.
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Naresh Kumar (cgc Landran)
# 5
SDLC helps to design the software effectively. 
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Aminul Islam
# 6
locked of security
less storage
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# 7
Inorder to complete the project succesfully and deliver a
qualiyt product to the client we need to follow some
rules/ethical steps. Every company has their own style of
life cycles both as SDLC AND STLC so there is no question
of advantages and disadvantages of SDLC.

The issue comes only when we r in a confused state when we
jump from one company to another.........

Hope u understood well.......

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# 8
Yes, even i agree for the answer given 
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