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Which is the best institute in hyderabad to learn DotNet?
 Question Submitted By :: Dot-Net-Framework
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# 1
Peers Technologies, Ameerpet
the facultyu is Mr. Ramalinga Prasad n he is the only
person in Hyd teaching .Net very well
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# 2
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# 3
Undoubtedly, Deccansoft....
No one can match the QUALITY and CONTENT of deccansoft.

Ramlinga Prasad of Peers is good only for basic and that is
not sufficient for working in the industry...

I did my course first from peers and then joined
Deccansoft...and now realized what i have learned in peers
is just waste of time and money...

So dont give any second thought directly join deccansoft.
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# 4
Terrance must be an idiot or not a professional or must be
a faculty of Foxcom as what he is saying about Deccansoft
is 100% incorrect. Deccansoft is the most organized
training institute in twin cities.

I would say the best place for learning MS.NET in hyderabad
is Deccansoft and no one can teach the way Mr. Sandeep Soni
at Deccansoft teaches.

I have done course at Peers first and I realized i just
learned the basic in peers and that is not sufficient to
get jobs. I was rejected by most of the companies because I
dint have any practical knowledge...

After this I joined Deccansoft and found what i have missed
earlier. Mr. Sandeep Soni approach is completely practical
and industry oriented. Today i am very confident about my
subject after undergoing the training in Deccansoft.
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# 5
I totally agree with Santosh.

Deccansoft is the BEST.

Join and see the difference. You can find more about them
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# 6
All the institutes are basically a waste of time. They will
try to prove that they are the best, but all are just the
same(useless). Some will train you exclusively for the
interview, some for the project and that is it.
Out of 100 students(freshers) only maybe 10 will be able to
do anything with what they have learned. Majority will take
about 3-4 interviews to realize what are they supposed to
know to work in a company. But the main problem is that
what they teach is what they know(or good at). As a freaher
you do not know what the subject consists of, so you will
think what is taught is enough. But it isn't. The people
who make it big in life are the ones who use their heads
not the one who follow the crowd. How many people who pass
from these places won't require further trainning in

Now if you want to learn (make a career out of it) .Net
you can :-
1)Join any place (peers/naresh/deccansoft)
2)Read MSDN(Microsoft Developer Network) Documentation.
This is how faculty and others learnt it.
3)Do simple projects(complete applications) EVERYDAY on
your own.This means asking the faculty/lab instructor to
teach you how to debug and make setup projects on day one
itself, so you get used to actually using the IDE.
These projects should not only be what they tell you to do
as homework but should be real software such as a simple
notepad,simple database,simple webbrowser,simple media
player etc. You can find tons of code on and other websites.
4)Get a decent .Net boook and go through that days topics
from that book to make sure that you don't losses out
because the faculty missed something.
5)In the first two weeks you will feel step(3) very tough
but it is the only way you will realize what is the kind of
half baked knowledge they will leave you with.But stick to
6)Keep pestering the faculty/lab instructor to help you
make your applications. They will say that it is very
advanced and after a month they will help you but they are
lying,they will never help you as they don't know how to.
7)If you stick to doing this for about a month you will
automatically learn API(application programmers interface)
and will have a much better chance to crack the interview
as you how to use what you have learned.
8)Use your lab hours constuctively and don't bunk clases.

Finally, you will realize that you get a job because of
your hard work and not becaus of some institute.
These places are just for guidance, you are the one who has
to put in the hardwork to get a job.
None of these places will offer to place freshers as they
know companies will laugh at their students(majority of
whome are lazy and expect to get a job because of just
joining an institute). The institute is not important but
what is important is your hardwork.

The 10 people who make it are the ones who use their heads
and the other 90 just jump to some other institute. As you
might heve noticed some of the posts on this forum are from
people who have studied at many places and claim so and so
is the best for basics and so and so for advanced. They
took so much time to realize that they were just lazy and
ignorant the first time.
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# 7
decconsoft is best than peers and foxcomm.i am completed in
naresh and peers and decconsoft i think decconsoft is good.
ramalinga prasad will teach only basics not advanced topics.
and shaker srinivas you cont reach his fast.
decconsoft is good.
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# 8
sekhar srinivas of peers technologies is good and can be
rated as one of the best trainers in .NET
Is This Answer Correct ?    37 Yes 17 No
# 9
For .NET Training Rama Linga Prasad and Sekhar Srinivas are
the best and Prakash for C# are the best trainers for .NET
in Hyderabad
Is This Answer Correct ?    30 Yes 17 No
# 10
I think best institute for .NET training is Peers
Technology and faculty is Mr.Ramlingprasad and for C#
Is This Answer Correct ?    25 Yes 14 No

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