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What do you mean by linear and bilateral network?
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
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# 1
linear network
the network whoes parameter does not change due change in
current or vtg. eg. resistance,inductance,capacitance.

bilateral network
the ckt whoes chara. does not change due change of
direction of vtg. & current. e.g. transsmisson line
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# 2
LINEAR NETWORK -- a network in which the relation between
volatage and current is linear curve.

Bilateral- means the relation between voltage and current
does not change in both the direction in the network.
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Manoj K Mishra`
# 3
Linear Element are those element which follow the ohm's law.
Like as Resistance,Inductor&Capacitor(at relexed condition)
Bilateral network is that network in which any element of
the network gives the response in both directions e.g R,L,C
but diode gives the response in only one direction so it is
a unilateral element.
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Ashok Rajput
# 4
linear are those network which obey's ohms law

bilateral r those in which current can flow in both directions
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# 5
linear networks are those in which parameter does not
change due to change in direction....
Bilateral networks in which ratio of the response
variable to excitation variable does not change if we
interchange the position of response and excitation in the
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# 6
in any electrical network if by changing the direction of
application the parameter doesnot change as the network is
called as bilateral network eg. transmition
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# 7
linear network is directional network;means all parameter
depends on direction
Bilateral means non-directional. it 's parameter doesn't
depends on direction.
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# 8
A circuit whose Characteristics, behavior is same irrespective of the direction of current through various elements of it. is called bilateral network. Network consisting only resistances is good example of bilateral network. 
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Muhammad Rehan Qureshi
# 9
bilateral network:A network or circuit in which the mgnitude
of the current remains the same whwn the voltage polarity is

linear network: Anetwork in which the parameters of
resistance, inductance and capacitance are constant with
respect to current or voltage and in which the voltage or
current of souurces is independent of or directly
proportional to other voltages and currents or their
derivatives in the network
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# 10
example for this linear and bilateral network is
superposition theorem.
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