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what is the requirement that .Net web services  can access the
java application? 
 Question Submitted By :: ASP.NET
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
As long as java and .net applications adheres the WS-I
(Webservice interoperability organization standard) then
they should be able to communicate each other.

for eg , .net returns dataset, it will not be able to
understand by java , so, objects must be generic enough to
understand by both or any applications.
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Nainar Mohamed
# 2
web servese is like a request to server site i mean to railway enquery. shar market, and SERVER Time.
this type of serves . client to server are request then
server to client serves provied . so this type or serves is
web serveses...Thx
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# 3
the main point is that the i/p and o/p of the web services
is XML. therfor we can aacess from any application. that
support XML.
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Ianmpudi Anil Kumar
# 4
webservice is standardize by w3c for heterogeneous
platforms.Any language can build their own webservice using
their language and register that into UDDI. So that any
other language can able to use that.It is heterogeneous
because of XML the interaction between them.

Conclusion is that any language can interact with any
webservice written in any language,that platform must
support XML.
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Pramod Sahoo
# 5
The answers which posted above is not satisfied my
requirement? Can some one post teh exact answer? Thanx
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# 6
i don't know exactly.i write my opion to here.first write
fuctions in webservices using any languages.after
complition of that just cal to web reference.
actualy in webservices are readyment functionality.just cal
that function with web reference.
webservices is the cross plotform.
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