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 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
If the CT secondary open during load than the voltage across
the secondary reaches to a high value i.e some kilowatts and
the secondary current becomes zero hence reduced back emf.
The working flux increases and core gets saturated. The
secondary e.m.f increases due to increased flux

Due to the above reason the primary gets overheated and core
also gets heated and its dangerous for person working on
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Ashish S. Hans
# 2
CT means current transformer which help us to measure the
large amount of current by step down the value of current
to low value. CT primary wdg handle the large amount of
current due to which large amount of heat is produce at
primary winding so we use insulating oil which help to
provide insulation as well as provide cooling. If we open
its secondary winding, the secondary current will reduce to
zero, which cause increase in voltage across its secondary
open terminal and that leads to increase in primary
current, with increase in primary current temperature of
oil in CT also increase and oil start burn which leads to
blast in CT
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# 3
According to the Transformer theory..The formule is
E1/E2=N1/N2=I2/I1=K..In CT Primary Turns is Only one ie.Bus
bar.But the secondary turns is more depends upon the ratio
which we choose..From that we can say it is stepup
transformer when it is in opened secondary...
for example 1000/1A ,415v what will be the secondary
volage in Opend secondary CT.
Let's see
I1=1000A,I2=1A,E1=415,N1=1turn,N2=? and E2=?

E2=415kv....This much voltage get induced in CT
secondary due to Induced emf.
From the above answer we can say CT is Stepup
Transformer..If it gets open during load condition it get
saturate or Blast because of very high heat and less
Is This Answer Correct ?    9 Yes 1 No
Rasaannamalai E
# 4
its blast 
Is This Answer Correct ?    16 Yes 10 No
# 5
oh sorry MR ravi ........u r right steps up
voltage ...i didnt read ur answer fully ......
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 1 No
Amir Sharif
# 6
In normal power transformers primary current depnds upon
the secondary current ( load on secondary side, as load
increases its secondary current increases and also primary
current increases )
While in CT primary current is independent, if CT secondary
opens secondary current becomes zero while primary current
remains as it is. Both currents counter each other during
normal operation, and if secondary opens so secondary
current becomes zero and due to the primary current ( now
no counter effect present ) its core becomes saturated and
CT may blast.
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# 7
ct almost act like a step up transformer in which avery
high voltage is induce in the secondary open ckt
1.which is dangerious to the person working over there
2.ct goes to saturation at this stage.
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# 8
the secondary of CT open means, as the transformer
secondary will atempt to continue driving current across
the effectively infinite impedence.
this will produce a high voltage across open secondary
(range of several KV in some cases)which may cause arcing.
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 3 No
Ravi Kimar.a
# 9
primary ampere turn=secondary ampere turns
when secondary is open I2 is zero so primary ampere turn is
fully used for magnetizing the core so high voltage will be
induced in the secondary then core will be saturate.then
finally it will be blast. (Ie magnetizing current)
Is This Answer Correct ?    1 Yes 0 No
# 10
Mr.Ravi want to say step up means voltage step up and
current step down
Is This Answer Correct ?    0 Yes 0 No

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