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What is the scope of career in PHP/Mysql
 Question Submitted By :: PHP
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
kisi ko kuch pata hai ki aise hi post kar dete ho
php se 1 lack tak log earn karte hai per month
so boss php is very growing language. jo log iske burai
karte hai wo sab microsoft wale ke agent hai
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# 2
good scope and career in php/mysql because every where used
lamp and php and mysql and also in 2 or 3 months php 6 is
waiting to lanuch.
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# 3
To work in PHP has a greate fun and also a challenging
work,i personally think,Be a Master of any of the language
there is lot in php to learn like jumla,drupal,cake php,most
important thing is its open source,so go ahead,never think
abt salary or money ur best..go deeper gain
extraordinary knowledge then ,You tell and company pays
you.Thants my Attitude,I love PHP-MYSQL,Every platform has
its own Adv/Dis,so dont think abt that,try find ur own
interest .bye
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# 4
Dear Vijay, being a programmer I do not want to be in microsoft or linux(open source and under GPL).
For my career both are important. I am not criticizing any
particular language. But fact is fact. PHP is easy to learn
and this is the one of the major reason why competition is
growing these days on softwares/languages under GNU. To
Raja I would like to say..that php can never overtake Java.
Main reason is .....JAVA is a full fledged and PURE object
oriented language where PHP is only a scripting langauge.
You might be saying this due to lack of JAVA knowledge with
you. But we are not criticizing any languages here. As a
programmer we are not supposed to support only one or two
platformS..this will limit our ability to learn.
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Gaurav Sharma
# 5
I don't know. Few days back I started learning php on my doubt it is easy to learn that is what making my
worry about the career scope in php and mysql. More
clearly...If anyone can learn php so easily then applicants
for the php job will definitely rise and its always a rule
where supply is more price is less. What you people think
on this issue?
Is This Answer Correct ?    77 Yes 18 No
Gaurav Sharma
# 6
Lot of scope with job openings in lots of MNC 
Is This Answer Correct ?    81 Yes 29 No
# 7
Hi Friends,

I am a PHP Professional of 3 year experience and getting 4.0
Lakh per annum. Is it not a right package from salary point
of view?

Also, My Company is a small company. I don't think any JAVA
Professional can get that much in a 10 people company.

So, Close this war of PHP and JAVA.

Both languages are independently fine. And Opportunities are
in both. But Why People is using PHP is just because its
simplicity and no hard and fast rules as compared to Java.

Presently PHP is the language which is growing very fast.
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Apul Gupta
# 8
I have jump from to PHP. What I like in PHP ?
1. The way php is growing.
2. Huge Support Online (forums, Blogs and etc).
3. Open Source.
4. Large number of Third Party Tools.

Thanks ..
Is This Answer Correct ?    54 Yes 7 No
Shoaib Khan
# 9
helo Mns_rwt,

php might be a oldest language but its popularity increasing day by day. May be .net or java or some other goes down in the future but php is ever green. why because " Jab tak duniya hai tab tak internet rahega. jab tak internet hai tab tak dynamic sites bantehee rahenge aur web designing and web development rahega". most of people dont like microsoft technologies. every body likes open source. php is open source. and one thing no discussed.... you can do php freelancing. you can get projects on your own and you can earn sitting in home. one person is sufficient to complete the php projects. where in .net projects you need a team most of the times to complete the job. so dont hesitate to to do php. its much much much better than .net or jawa or what ever. because it guarantees you a consistant career.
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# 10
i have a list of MNC which are working in PHP.
Is This Answer Correct ?    28 Yes 1 No

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