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1)how i get the current system time using php?
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  I also faced this Question!!      
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# 1
$time_offset ="525"; // Change this to your time zone
$time_a = ($time_offset * 120);
$time = date("h:i:s",time() + $time_a);
echo 'Current time is : '.$time;

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ishtiaq alam
# 2
print "<br>".date('h:i:s',$time_now);

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# 3
U can done it by using current timestamp option. 

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# 4
print date('h:i:s',$time_now);

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monalisha mohanty
# 5
$time_offset ="525"; // Change this to your time zone
$time_a = ($time_offset * 120);
$time = date("h:i:s",time() + $time_a);
echo 'Current time is : '.$time;

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# 6
To get the local time, you have add your time zone offset.
So the function is correct.

$time_offset ="5.5"; // Asia/Kolkatta Change this to your
time zone
$time_a = ($time_offset * 120);
$time = date("h:i:s",time() + $time_offset);
echo 'Current time is : '.$time;

One another method is setting the time zone in php.ini file
or setting it in your script page using this command.

date_default_timezone_set ("Asia/Calcutta"); 

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prince joesph
# 7
echo date('h:i:s');

h: hours
i: minutes
s: seconds 

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# 8
//first write this code on top of your file in which you
want //to display the date or time or both.


//only for indian users and for people form different parts
//just check this link and set the values within single

//now output date or time at any place in your file as shown

echo date("m/d/Y");
echo date("G.i:s");

Thank You 

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# 9
use following line in your code :

date_default_timezone_set (“Asia/Calcutta”);

to set timestamp according to your area....

Here Calcutta is an Asian City name...Set it to yours one... 

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# 10

Write this is to your php page and
write echo $time = date("H:i:s",time()); 

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