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how to find the second highest salary from emp table?
 Question Submitted By :: SQL-PLSQL
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
select max(sal) from emp
where sal not in (select max(sal) from emp )
Is This Answer Correct ?    1024 Yes 121 No
# 2
select max(salary ) from emp table where sal<(select max
(salary)from emp table)
Is This Answer Correct ?    708 Yes 90 No
# 3
use this query. it works great.

select max(sal) from table_name where sal<(select max(sal)
from table_name)
Is This Answer Correct ?    400 Yes 55 No
# 4
Please put the below query, u will get the second highest
salary of the table :---

select sal from(select sal from
(select distinct sal from emp order by sal desc)
where rownum<=2 order by sal asc)
where rownum=1;
Is This Answer Correct ?    481 Yes 260 No
Gourvendra Singh
# 5
Follow the following Query, You get the second highest
SQL> Select level,Max(sal) from emp
Where level=&level connect by prior sal>sal
group by level;
SQL> Enter the level No=2 (Here enter 2 manually)

Then you will get the 2nd highest salary.
If you want 3rd Highest salary, then enter level no=3.
Is This Answer Correct ?    202 Yes 103 No
# 6
select max(sal) from emp where sal < (select max(sal) from
Is This Answer Correct ?    79 Yes 13 No
Muhammed Zaheer
# 7
select sal from emp where sal=(select max(sal) from emp
where sal<(select max(sal) from emp));
Is This Answer Correct ?    26 Yes 3 No
Anuj Maheshwari
# 8
SELECT MAX(sal) from emp a where &n=(select COUNT(DISTINCT
(SAL)) from emp b where a.sal<=b.sal)
Is This Answer Correct ?    33 Yes 20 No
# 9
second method is
select sal from emp e1 where 2=(select count(distinct(sal))
from emp e2 where e1.sal<=e2.sal);
Is This Answer Correct ?    33 Yes 20 No
Radha Sri Seshu
# 10
select max(salary) from table01
where salary <(select max salary from table01)

in mainframe env
Is This Answer Correct ?    23 Yes 12 No
Shiva Kumar

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