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What are the 3 Basic Rules in Accounting.
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# 1
1. Debit to receiver
Credit to giver

2. Debit what comes in
Credit what goes out

3. Debit All Exp /Loss
Credit Income/Gain
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Neeraj Garg
# 2
1.personal account
debit the receiver
credit the giver
2.nominal account
all expence and loses debit
all incomes and gains credit
3.real account
what comes in debit
what goes out credit
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# 3
There 3 basic rules in Accounting

1.Real Account
what comes in Dr
what goes out Cr

2.Personal Account
The Reciver Dr
Giver Cr

3.Nominal Account
All Expenses Dr
All incomes Cr
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# 4
Rule 1: Total asset= Total liab + owner's Equity

Rule 2: Debit: all exp & loss
Credit: all income & gain

Rule 3: Total of debit side = Total of credit side
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# 5
Personal A\C

Receiver a\c Dr
Giver a\c Cr

Nominal A\C

All expenses & loss a\c Dr
All income & gain a\c Cr

Real A|C

What comes in a\c Dr
What goes out a\c Cr
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# 6
Basic rules in Accounting

Personal Account:
Debit Receiver of the benefit
Credit Giver of the benefit
Real Account:
Debit What comes in
Credit What goes out
Nominal Account:
Debit all expenses and losses
Credit all incomes and gains
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# 7
There are three basic rules in accounting

Real Account: what comes in--Dr
what goes out-----Cr

Personal Account:the receiver--Dr
the giver--------Cr

Nominal Account: All expenses and losses--Dr
All income and gains-------Cr
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# 8
for personal account
debit to receiver
credit the giver

for real account
debit what comes in
credit what goes out

for nominal account
debit all exp/losses
credit income/gain
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# 9
Personal Accounts :All the personal A/c as ramesh A/c, raj
A/c are included . A person who takes debited and a person
who gives credited
Real Accounts: All the real A/c as fixed assets which is
real in nature are included inwhich whatever comes in
debited and watever goes out credited
Nominal A/c : In the nominal A/c all the Expenses & loss IS
debited and all the incomes and gains is credited
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# 10
2)Debit side should be equal to credit side
Debit all exp&loss and credit all incomes and gains
3)Increase in debit should not be equal to credit
Is This Answer Correct ?    394 Yes 154 No
Md. Rasheed

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