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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (1998)
how did you spend yester day
 Question Submitted By :: Call-Centre-AllOther
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# 1
there was nothing special yesterday, as usual as per the
daily routine ,i woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning went
for a walk after returning from there and after taking a
break for 15 min i went for a bath. then i had my
breakfast,thereafter i left for my college i was there at
my college till 3 o clock when i returnd back home
i had my lunch after resting for half an hour i rushed to
my coaching returning from there i had a cup of tea and
then i sat back to complete my assignments after completin
them i had my dinner and finally retired on my bed..
waiting for ur response about his answer on my id :
Is This Answer Correct ?    44 Yes 12 No
Prashant Raj Singh
# 2
Yesterday was pretty good day for me.As i meet my frnd,to
collect some information abt your organization ......and to
discuss the topic's which could be asked in an interview...
Is This Answer Correct ?    49 Yes 31 No
# 3
Nothing was special yesterday,as usually i woke up around 6
am and went for a walk and came back after 1 hour after
returning home i was busy with my routine physically
cleaning because i had to reach office at 9 am.i took my
bath 7.30 am and worship my GOD.i took my breakfast,left my
house around 8.30 am and i reached office at 9.00am,after
reaching my office i was busy with my daily routine.i was
busy till 6.00pm.i left my office at 6.30pm,reached at 7.00
pm,after reaching home i took a cup of tea,i saw the latest
headlines on news channels after that i went to market and
buy some house hold things,came back around 8.30pm and
around 9.30 i took my dinner,went for a stroll and came back
after 30 min.,on returning home i went for asleep.
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# 4
yesterday was a priety hactic day 4 me after
meeting with some of my old went well...i then
prepared for the interview i hv to give in ur company...n
dats it...
Is This Answer Correct ?    31 Yes 27 No
Aditya Sharma
# 5
i woke up early morning 6 o;clock and called my mother i
talked with my mother for some time we shared our feelings.
then i completed my morning work. i took bath. when i was
taking bath my boss called me somehow i dropped my phone.
it really made me sad coz it was a gift my brother had
given me.i was upset however i went to office and followed
those candidates which i had called for interview day b4
yesterday. 2pm interview started and i started co-
ordination. in between someone called me for an interview
but i denyed coz i was happy with my job profile.i finished
my work at 7pm then i went bak home. i watched tv a program
on mahua channel. i watched a bhojpuri talent hunt show. i
loved it. late night i had dinner and went to bed and there
was a surprize waititng for me i had a good dream with an
angel. she was simle beautifull a fairy. thats how i spent
yesterday. thank u .
if i m correct kindly reply me on
Is This Answer Correct ?    10 Yes 6 No
Rupesh Kumar
# 6
I woke early in the morning and had a cup of tea with my
wife and we had some conversation. Then I switch on my
television for watching news, I love watching news and wild
life channel, after a hour I had fresh bath and took my
break fast while having break fast I had some conversation
with my wife.At 10 o clock I went out to the market for
buying some green vegetable when I come back to my home I
was surprise to know that today is my birth day. I got a
gold plated watch from my wife and she wish for my good luck.
Is This Answer Correct ?    7 Yes 3 No
Vineet Kumar
# 7
yesterday..I did nothing special but i was busy in
collecting some information about this company & position
in global market...the backgroun of this bpo through
internet..& it was quite fantastic to know that this really
a gud company which I am gong to take part of
interview...apart from this I met few people who have been
in bpo for quite a long time..i just have had discussion
for few hours....analysed few question which I would
probably be asked in interview!!!! thats how I spent my
whole day..later on i took rest..& today I am here!!!!
Is This Answer Correct ?    11 Yes 8 No
# 8
There was nothing special yesterday.I got up at 6.30 and
went for morning walk aftter coming back from there i
brushed my teeth, i took bath and got ready. i went to
temple after that i took my breakfast and left home at 9 to
go to the office.I reached office at 9.30, i worked there
and came back home at 7. After coming back home i took tea,
i watched TV,i talked with my family,i took my dinner with
my family at 9. after that i drunk a glass of milk and went
to bed at 10.
Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 0 No
Kamal Jain
# 9
i nothing did special last day i woke up 9am.went for bath
and took my tea.went for my computer class came 6pm.took my the evenign i did gossip with my friends.and in
the end took my dinner and went for sleep.
Is This Answer Correct ?    6 Yes 4 No
# 10
yesterday is very important for me because after yesterday
i will come their. So i want get more and more information
about the wipro so i went to my fnd who also work in BPO
sector so i get some information about the BPO Sector and
wipro also then i came my home nd take complete our other
necessary work nd then i do surfing on net and search about
wipro more and more.So this type my total day spent then
when sleeping time i told my self in every condition i want
join wipro because it can give better aportunity to my
carrier then i
Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 1 No

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