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what is the advantage and disadvantage of hub
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# 1

Hub is less expensive product.


It will broadcast to all the ports
It runs half duplex
If 10 Ports in a hub it will share bandwidth of 100 MbPs.
So each port share 10 Mbps
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Suresh Palanivel
# 2
advantage is used for connect the multiple devices.
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# 3
a)Hub is broadcast all the ports.Data is going to all the
computer one by one that the reasons of slow speed over the
b)bandwidth is shared by all of the PC's connected to the
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Rakesh Kumar Agrawal`
# 4
a hub can be able to support multiple users at the same time 
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# 5
The Advantage and disadvantage of Hub is as follows:
1)A hub is used to internal connectivity between systems.
2)A hub has minimum 4 ports and cannot accomodate for big
Networks (Disadvantage)
3)A console port is not available in Hub and so the Band
width provided by ISP is divided unequally among network
and could gain slow access to Internet.(DisAdvantage)
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Syed Mahboob Feroz Ahmed
# 6
A huge difference is here between hub and switch

A Hub is old device and it is non intelligent device
which can send the packets from one system to all other
system , and other system gets the copied of that packets
Because it doesn't read the Mac Address
so there fore it is called non intelligent device

But Switch is new Technology
It can read the Mac Address
First It broadcast
But after that it unicast
when we send the packets it goes through to the ports
Thanks (Amjad khan Ahmadzai)
if u face any problem u can send in this email
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# 7
it sand messages to every computer connected to it 
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# 8
If increase no of computer the probability of computer
accruing a mediums has increase.
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Kailas Shingne
# 9
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# 10
duplex arguement is not a solid fact unless it's a 10mb hub
which not specificaly asked.
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