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What is a Sort key? What r the different tpes of Sort Keys 
u have in SAP(FICO)
 Question Submitted By :: FI-CO
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
The Sort Key in a G/L determines the parameter according to
which various line items are to be displayed in the G/L A/C.
It determines ordering of the line items for display. For
finding them in a order.
There are 37 various types of sort keys in Sap fi/co - most
commonly used Sort key are;-
1) 001 - Posting Date
2) 002 - Document No by fiscal year.
3) 003 - Document Date.
4) 012 - Vendor Number.
5) 031 - Customer Number.
6) 027 - Value Date.
7) 018 - Asset No. etc,.....
Plz tell me anything more if iam wrong.
Santosh. Plz rank it.
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# 2
Sort Key: It is used to sort of documents post into G/L
A/cs.These sort keys are controls the documents and it is
easly identified the documents with these sort keys like as
001...As Per Psting Date
002...As per Documents Numder by Fisical Year
003...As Per Doumnet Wise
012...As Per Vendor Number
031...As Per Customer Number
018...As Per Asset No.

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Mamidi Vijay
# 3
Another functionality or use of sort key is

Where Sort Keys are created

Use Tcode OB16.

Why we are using sort keys.

Straight answer to this is sort key offers great help in
Automatic Clearing.

First we understand how does it function. If you have
created Bank GL and there you have used 001 (posting date)
as sort key then whenever you make entry for that bank Gl
your sort key "Posting date" is automatically updated
in "Assignment" field unless you manually insert anything
in assignment field.

Let's take a simple example for why sort keys are helpful.

Suppose, there is GR/IR account created with sort key 014
(Purchase Order) so at the time of

1. Goods receipt Purchase order with item no will
automatically filled in assignment field.

Inventory dr. 15000

GR/IR cr 15000.

In GR/IR account item Assignment would be 150000 10.

2. Invoice through MIRO will also feed Purchase Order with
item no in assignment field.

GR/IR dr . 15000
Tax dr. 5000
Vendot cr. 20000

In GR/IR account item Assignment would be 150000 10.

Now your entry is over. There are large number of such
entries posted in the period for the GR/IR account.
So, manual clearing becomes very tedious for GR/IR clearing
account. In order to avoid that Automatic Clearing program
is configured in OB74, where you give field ZUONR i.e.
assignment in first criterion. So, line items with same
assignment and amount will be cleared automatically upon
F.13 transaction.
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# 4
sort key: its used to sorting the different different
bussiness transactions.
001 - Posting Date
002 - Document No by fiscal year.
012 - Vendor Number.
031 - Customer Number.
027 - Value Date.
018 - Asset No. etc,.....
003 - Document Date
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# 5
sort Key: When u post the line item in GL account, the field
called Assignment is populated, and when u run the report of
the GL Account ( GL account line item report), the system by
default sort the value specified assignment field.
Different type of sort key such as 001,002,003,008 for cost
center ect. are maintained in SAP FICO.
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Amalendu Dinda
# 6
Hi lovely_santu you forgot the sort key 008 (Cost center). 
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 10 No
Mohd Majid Khan

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