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'which country has 6 months night and 6 months day'
 Question Submitted By :: General-Science
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sweden is the country which has six months nights and six
months days.Because it is above tha Arctic circle, which is
a circle around the North Pole extending down to a latitude
of about 23 degrees, which is equal to the tilt of Eart's

Because of the tilt of the axis, any place North of the
Arctic circle will have sunlight 24 hours a day for half
the year, and darkness the rest of the year, or at least
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Chetan Jain
# 4
sweden is the perfect answer 
Is This Answer Correct ?    169 Yes 78 No
# 5
Sweden ....
but i m not sure ....
pls tell me the correcty answer .....................
Is This Answer Correct ?    124 Yes 49 No
Amit Lohia
# 6
sweden 100% 
Is This Answer Correct ?    118 Yes 45 No
# 7
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# 8
north pole 
Is This Answer Correct ?    119 Yes 52 No
# 9
sweden is the perfect answer 
Is This Answer Correct ?    50 Yes 12 No
Sunil Sharma
# 10
Is This Answer Correct ?    60 Yes 23 No
Seema Verma

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