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What is your Future Plans for the Company if Permanently 
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# 1
first we should know where we are lacking, we should focus
on particular department first. we should maintain
hierarchy in organization. the decision what we take we
should implement it. then we can run our organization to

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# 2
Permanent employee of a company means permanent asset of
tht company being an asset my 1st priority is to
synchronize individual goal wth company's goal. here i'd
like to summarize few activities:
1. Devotion towards my work
2. improvements not by maintaining stabilization but by
3. Risk shd be there bt wth well c-b-f analysis
4. Check for proper coordination among all functional
5. By promotion not only meant for me to more and more
enjoy the benefits buit to self accept the responsibilities
along with the woes.
6. Time by time being a senior I shd try to encorage new
beneficiary ideas and being a junior or colleuge i can
suggest effective ideas.
7. every judgement along with work result shd be
quantifiable so that proper assessment can be done..
8. I will continously try to show my caliber and to
continously improve it through my actions not through words
like loyality, love etc.
9. challenging work and methods shd be tried inorder to
compare the effectiveness and d must is state-of-the-art
10. it is most required to create and maintain a cheerful,
amiable and congenial atmosphere inside the company so that
maximum productivity can be derived and being a HR person
my aim will b there always. 

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munmun singh
# 3
will become the brand loyal and will capitalize the
strength of my company along with keeping keen eye on the
weakness,and expressing innovative ways to over come the
weakness.will grow with the company.... like i care my
parents and love my home, in the same way belongingness
will develop towards my peer group, superior, juniors and
my company, but is possible if company also considers me as
a part of it,because being a human being we expect in
return.As my success will depend on the success of company,
and i am very serious about my career. 

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deeptimayee mahapatra
# 4
As getting a job is very important to me, I shall
focus my time and energy in developing the area
of the firm where I will be assigned. I do know
that I have to dedicate a lot of time to do my
work. I will ensure that there will be effective
communication from my side to my superiors and
subordinates on matters to enhance the reputation
and to make every step good for the firm in the long run.

I will ensure that my priority will be the growth of
my firm rather than my material benefit. I am sure that
when my firm grows, I can grow with the firm. Since
competition is a reality, I will make every effort
for my company to have a cutting edge over others.
George John, B-GHUD 

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george john, b-ghud, mavelikar
# 5
i myself let me know the overall practices & the
difficulties faced in implementing the recent strategic
outcomes in our concern, then segregate each & every
activities for a better outlook. it may lead to a clear
view on ourself and well focused vision 

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# 6
If i joined new company....i wil clearly understand what
the company is doing...why they are lacking in certain
issue? According to that i wil impement some strategy to
achieve that.....if the company needs changes...i wil do
that also......i wil concentrate in organisation structure
mostly......i wil set new goals for my career as well as my

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# 7
No doubt in tat.. i will defntly says tat i will work
sincerely for the benefit of the organisation.. Alwz i wl
work for the betterment n improvement.. and aft few years i
will be in Good designation in permanent org lik yours...... 

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# 8
I know that your company done a great job so that it makes
a good name in market.Most people knows you as your
Organisation.But We all know nobody is perfect.After I join
here I want to help my Organisation to make its position
from "Better to Best".For that I wnat to involve myself
from the heart and soul. 

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kuntal dutta gupta
# 9
I will capitalize my knowledge to give the best to my
company and will aspire to gain a higher position in my
esteemed company. 

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sneha malagi
# 10
I would like to build a career with Virgin Atlantic using
teamwork to achieve set organizational goals. Initiating
new strategies to achieving set goals, capitalizing on the
strength of the company to enhancing productivity as well
dictating the organization’s weakness and working on them to
meet impending challenges. 

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ijeoma olisa

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