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What is difference between function and procedure?
 Question Submitted By :: Suma
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  Re: What is difference between function and procedure?
# 1
Action is a part of Function.
Function is a Like a Functional Test case.
Procedure is a process to perform the Different Actions
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  Re: What is difference between function and procedure?
# 2
function can return a value
procedure cannot return a value,
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  Re: What is difference between function and procedure?
# 3
1.Function returns a value, but a procedure may return or
may not return a value.
2.Function can take only input aurguments, but procedure may
take both input and out put parameters.
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Ravi Kumar Battula
  Re: What is difference between function and procedure?
# 4
All are correct.... 
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  Re: What is difference between function and procedure?
# 5
Fuction returns a value whereas procedure doesnt return any
if some function calling is dere den function switch over 2
d function definition part directly but procedure go from
top 2 down linearly
Is This Answer Correct ?    25 Yes 82 No
  Re: What is difference between function and procedure?
# 6
function can be called inside the select statement but not
the procedure
Is This Answer Correct ?    83 Yes 27 No
  Re: What is difference between function and procedure?
# 7
Bot functions and procedures can return values. Apart from
this following are the differences

1) Functions are used for computations where as procedures
can be used for performing business logic

2) Functions MUST return a value, procedures need not be.

3) You can have DML(insert,update, delete) statements in a
function. But, you cannot call such a function in a SQL query..
eg: suppose, if u have a function that is updating a table..
you can't call that function in any sql query.
- select myFunction(field) from sometable; will throw error.

4) Function parameters are always IN, no OUT is possible

5) Function returns 1 value only. procedure can return
multiple values(max. 1024)

6) Stored Procedure :supports deffered name resoultion
Example while writing a stored procedure that uses table
named tabl1 and tabl2 etc..but actually not exists in
database is allowed only in during creation but runtime
throws error Function wont support deffered name resolution.
Stored procedure returns always integer value by default
zero. where as function return type could be
scalar or table or table values(SQL Server).
Stored procedure is pre compiled exuction plan where as
functions are not.

7) A procedure may modifiy an object where a function can
only return a value.
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  Re: What is difference between function and procedure?
# 8
Function means Lot of people gathering together and
celeberate somthing.
Example:Birth day function,Marriage function
Procedure not somthing like that.
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  Re: What is difference between function and procedure?
# 9
Function must returs a value, but procedure can return more
and not any value..

Fuction are used for check conditions, but procedures can
be use check condition as well as for the bussiness logic.
Is This Answer Correct ?    25 Yes 20 No
Rajesh Trivedi
  Re: What is difference between function and procedure?
# 10
1.Funcan can return a valur but not procedure
2.Function can accept only one parameter IN but procedure
can take IN or OUT or both parameters.
3.Procedure follows only linear execution but not function.
Is This Answer Correct ?    13 Yes 36 No
Abhishek Khare

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