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what is the difference between invoice and proforma invoice?
 Question Submitted By :: Guest
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  Re: what is the difference between invoice and proforma invoice?
# 1
Proforma invoice nothing but the invoice is recived before
sending material for advance payment.

invoice is nothing but the invoice send with
material.payemnt for this materail will give after
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  Re: what is the difference between invoice and proforma invoice?
# 2
Proforma Invoice : Preparing the bill from the seller to
the buyer for the payment for their materials received.

Invoice : Invoice is an document received from the sellers
to the buyers including all the details of the -product,
quantity, price etc.
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  Re: what is the difference between invoice and proforma invoice?
# 3
When seller sends quotation to te buyer about the
quantities and the tentative prices at which buyer can buy
is called Performa Invoice.

When buyer accepts to buy the quantities at specified
prices then the deal is called Invoice.
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Saumya Srivastava
  Re: what is the difference between invoice and proforma invoice?
# 4
Invoices : Usually Invoices are two types

Proforma Invoice : Requesting for a payment for the
particular material where the buyer is suppose to buy.

Commercial Invoices: Commercial Invoices is nothing but tax
invoice, tax invoice is raised after receiving the amount
from the buyer for his material, requesting the buyer to
issue CST/VAT forms to the seller.

Both the invoices are raised by the seller here.
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  Re: what is the difference between invoice and proforma invoice?
# 5
Pro Forma Invoice: This Pro-forma invoice is one which is
sent before the commercial Invoice(original invoice) to
receive advance payment from buyer. The seller will not
record this as 'Account Receivable' in his account and
buyer will not record it as 'Accounts Payable'in his
account. This is not true invoice.

Invoice" This is true invoice where in the seller and
buyer will record in their 'Accounts Receivable section'
and 'Accounts Payable Section'. Payment will be done once
the invoice is received by the buyer .
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  Re: what is the difference between invoice and proforma invoice?
# 6
Performa Invoice is a only a part payment of received
agaist purchase order for advance agaist L.C. created
receiveble amount as per P.O.
ther is not counted in Tax's only on advances.
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Bakul Upadhyay
  Re: what is the difference between invoice and proforma invoice?
# 7
proforma invoice is an invoive or quotation sent by exporter to buyer before commercial invoice in which a particular estimate of product demanded is sent & is not recorded as 'accounts receivable' by exporter or 'accounts payable' by's not a true one.
invoice is the one sent by exporter to buyer in which a detailed description of goods with quantity,price,weight etc. is provided with an accurate amount to be paid & is recorded as 'accounts receivable' or vice versa. it's the true one.
Is This Answer Correct ?    34 Yes 4 No
Tanuja Bagdare
  Re: what is the difference between invoice and proforma invoice?
# 8
Proforma Invoice :
Abridged or estimated invoice sent by a seller to a buyer
in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. It notes the
kind and quantity of goods, their value, and other
important information such as weight and transportation
charges. Pro forma invoices are commonly used as
preliminary invoices with a quotation, or for customs
purposes in importation.
An invoice is a bill sent by a provider of a product or
service to the purchaser. The invoice establishes an
obligation on the part of the purchaser to pay, creating an
account receivable.
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  Re: what is the difference between invoice and proforma invoice?
# 9
proforma invoice : when the consignor sends goods on consignment , he prepares an invoice and sends it to the consignee. This is called "Proforma Invoice". It is statement containing the details of goods consigned. It gives the particulars of quality, quantity, and price of goods consigned , details of any expenses incurred also, some times the mode of marketing.

Invoice : Invoice is a statement sent by the seller to buyer in the normal business. invoice contains the quality, quantity and price of the goods. delivery location and terms and conditions of the payment conditions.
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 3 No
Santosh Kumar
  Re: what is the difference between invoice and proforma invoice?
# 10
performa invoice is valid only for a limited period where price of the material can change

invoice is a valid bill which has been raised after delivery so price of the material will not change
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