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what is difference between array and structure?
 Question Submitted By :: C
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# 1
array -same data type
structure -diff datatype
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# 2
Array:Static memory allocation.
It uses the subscript to access the array elements.

Structure:Dynamic memory allocation.
It uses the dot(.)operator to access the structure
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# 3
Array -
* Memory (array size) is fixed
* Accessing an element in array takes constant time. E.g. -
5th element in an array can be accessed as array[4] i.e.
searching/accessing an element in array takes comparatively
less time than in structures.
* Adding/deleting an element in the array is comparatively
difficult since the data already present in the array needs
to be moved
Structure -
* Memory (structure size) can be changed dynamically
* Accessing an element in a list takes more time
comparatively since we need to traverse thro the list
* Adding/deleting takes less time than in arrays
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# 4
Array is a base pointer..
** it points to a particular memory location..

Structure is not a pointer..
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# 5
collection is similar data type array
array always start from 0
array size fixed
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# 6
Are you sure that Structure is object oriented, because
structs came from C, and C wasn't an object-oriented
program, and C++ was using it at the beginning where now
they use class for the same function which is better

Array is a collection of a fixed number of components all of
the same type: it is a homogeneous data structure.

structs (records) - we use them to group items of different
types; a collection of a fixed number of components in which
the components are accessed by name. The components as
mention can be of different types. A struct is typically
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# 7
array has indexed data type.
data type of structure is object type.
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Kalyani Joshi
# 8
ARRAY:- An array can't have bit fields.

STRUCTURE:- Structure can contain bit fields.
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# 9
An array behaves like a built-in data type. All we have to
do is to declare an array variable and use it. But in the
case of a structure, first we have to design and declare a
data structure before the variables of that type are
declared and used
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Siddharth Kothari
# 10
Both arrays and structures are classified as structured data
type as provide a mechanism that enables us to access and
manipulate data in relatively easy manner. but they differ
in number of ways:-
1)An array is a collection of related data elements of same
type. Structure can have elements of different types.
2. An array is derived data type whereas a structure is a
programmer defined one.
3) An array behaves like a built in data types only we need
to declare it.but in case of structures , first we have to
design and declare a data structure before the variables of
that type are declared and used.

example:of array:

void main()
int a[5];//only declare an array variable

example of structure:
struct book_bank
char title[5];
char author[3];
int pages;
float price;
};// this format of defining is also known as TEMPLATE
struct book_bank book1, book2;// declaration of variable
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