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Difference between Automation testing and manual testing.
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# 1
Manual testing is a process in which all the six phrases of
the software testing life cycle like test planning,test
dovelopment,test execution,result analysis,bug tracking and
reporting are done sucessfully and manually with human
efforts. where as in automation testing these things are
done by tools like qtp and win runner.
without manual testing there is no automation testing.
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# 2
automation testing:
this is done using a testing tool
this reduces man power
it takes less time to test

manual testing:
in this testing is entirely done by human
it takes more time to complete the test
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# 3
Manual testing is just playing the application manually ,
put your self in customer shoos and tri to find out maximum
possible issues with possible SBTs and RBTS. ( It includes
all the Black box testing process ).

Automation testing: Is the process to test some of the
repetitive functionality of the application through running
scripts on different automation tools ,QTP, WinRunner, Silk
Test; Silk performer, Load Runner etc.
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Jitendra Kumar Chaturvedi
# 4
Automation testing :-

1.If you have to run a set of tests repeatedly, automation
is a huge win for you
2.It gives you the ability to run automation against code
that frequently changes to catch regressions in a timely
3.Automated tests can be run at the same time on different
machines, whereas the manual tests would have to be run

manual testing:-

1.If the test case only runs twice a coding milestone, it
most likely should be a manual test. Less cost than
automating it.
2.It allows the tester to perform more ad-hoc (random
testing). In my experiences, more bugs are found via ad-
hoc than via automation. And, the more time a tester
spends playing with the feature, the greater the odds of
finding real user bugs.
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# 5
first i want to tell what is manual and when we go for
automation,i thing it gives better idea .

manual meanes doing things manually with out any tool.means
tester performes all testing operations.

when we go for automation is
1. when application is stable,
2. regression test cycles is to long and iterative
3.we also see how aut(application under test) is compatable
with tools
4. availability of skilled resoureses

advantages of automation compare to manual is is used to avoid human errors .
2. by using automation it reduces the testing life cycle
with respective to time
3. we get more reliable test result.
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Indira Varma
# 6
Usually for repeated testing we go for automation like
regression,smoke etc which is done on every build. Though
autoamtion saves time but some features we cannot automate
like usability testing in which we test userfriemdliness of
the application.
Manual is timeconsuming but we find more bugs in manual
as we sometimes do error guessing which cannot be done by
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# 7
Manual Testing is performed where the user operations of
the application is performed manually without the use of
any automated tools whereas

Automated Testing is performed where the user operations of
the application is performed automatically by running some
scripts using automated tools.
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Bhumika Harshita
# 8
in manual testing tester performe testing through the
tracing the source code without any tools like walkthrough
etc. by tracing code

but in automatic testing they use some automatic testing
tools like qtp etc.
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Shubham Singh Thakur
# 9
(1)Manual Testing is Time consuming and tedious: Since test
cases are executed by human resources so it is very slow and

Automated Testing is Fast Automation runs test cases
significantly faster than human resources.

(2) Manual Testing is Huge investment in human resources: As
test cases need to be executed manually so more testers are
required in manual testing.

Automated Testing is Less investment in human resources:
Test cases are executed by using automation tool so less
tester are required in automation testing.
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Dhaval Vithalani
# 10
manual testing is a procees of identifying the software
defects here we use different models,write testcases,do
test review, tracing the defects ie we use defect life cycle

automation comes into picture after the regression testing
for instance the client comes near the company and says
wanted to change the requirements again after 6 or 5
months the client again comes near the client and wanted
to change the requirements and at the second time the test
e engineer has to write the test cases and again test
cases are reviewed and once again the testing begins if the
process is very hard in the second or third release than
only automation testing comes into picture here again the
testcases are converted to scripts then use qtp or silktest
tool without manual testing automation does not come into
existance. regression testing act as a bridge between
manual and automation testing
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Hema Iyer

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