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In an atomic explosion, enormous energy is released which is
due to the

1 Conversion of neutrons into protons

2 Conversion of chemical energy into nuclear energy

3 Conversion of mass into energy

4 None of these
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# 1
(3) Conversion of mass into energy 
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Water is a good solvent of ionic salts because 1 It has no colour 2 It has a high boiling point 3 It has a high dipole moment 4 It has a high specific heat   1
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Water is neither acidic nor alkaline because 1 It cannot accept or donate protons 2 It boils at a high temperature 3 It can dissociate into equal number of hydrogen ions 4 It cannot donate or accept electrons ACIO 1
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‘Saponification involves the hydrolysis of fats and oils by 1 Water 2 Washing soda 3 Stearic acid 4 Caustic soda   1
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