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How many types of cookies are there?
 Question Submitted By :: ASP
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
There are 2 types of cookies:
(1) Session Based which expire at the end of the session.
(2) Persistent cookies which are written on harddisk.
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# 2
Persistent cookies are stored on your computer hard disk.
They stay on your hard disk and can be accessed by web
servers until they are deleted or have expired. Persistent
cookies are not affected by your browser setting that
deletes temporary files when you close your browser.

Non-persistent cookies are saved only while your web
browser is running. They can be used by a web server only
until you close your browser. They are not saved on your
disk. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 can be configured to
accept non-persistent cookies but reject persistent
Is This Answer Correct ?    41 Yes 6 No
Dhanya Kunnekkat
# 3
Two types of cookies

1) temporary and
2) persistent cookies
Is This Answer Correct ?    28 Yes 3 No
# 4
There are two types of cookies available.
1.Temporary cookies: cookies are saved only while your web
browser is running. They can be used by a web server only
until you close your browser. They are not saved on your
2.Persistent cookies:A persistent cookie is saved as a text
file in the file system of the client computer.Cookies
enable you to store information about a client,session,or
application.When a browser request a page,it sends the
information in the cookie along with the request
Is This Answer Correct ?    17 Yes 2 No
Dipti Ranjan Das
# 5
There are 2 Type of Cookies
1) Single Value
it is assing the single value of cookie.
2) Multivalued Cookies.
it is assign the multiple value of cookies.
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# 6
In fact, there are various types of cookies exist. we can
not exactly tell the numbers. I like two cookies, Cashew
cookies and butter cookies. If you want to know the exact
answer contact any person who own bakery
Is This Answer Correct ?    8 Yes 8 No
Abhijeet Hnage
# 7
There are five type of cookies,(1)peristant cookeis:
(2)session cookies.(3)legacy cookies, (4)third party cookies
and (5)1st party cookies.
Is This Answer Correct ?    8 Yes 10 No
Thompson Shimray
# 8
there are alot of diffrent types of cookies as in choclate
chip and way moe

ex:There are actually thousands of different types and
recipes for cookies from all around the world and
throughout history.
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# 9
There are two type of cookies.
persistent cookies and non-persistent cookies otherwise
called as memorizable cookies and non-memorizable cookies.

Persistent cookie means the cookie will be expired as soon
as the application is closed

Non-persistent cookie means even the application is closed
the data will be remained as per the cookie timeout value.
Is This Answer Correct ?    41 Yes 50 No
# 10
basically there r 3 types of cookie...

1>password cookie
2>date cookie
3>name cookie

if u want to datails about those cookies then mail me on::
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 22 No

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