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If a salesman's average is a new order every other week, he
will break the office record of the year.  However, after 28
weeks, he is six orders behind schedule.  In what proportion
of the remaining weeks does he have to obtain a new order to
break the record?
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# 1
no f weeks in a yr=52
26 orders required for the creation f record..
son after 28 weeks no f order should b 14..
the person z short by 8 orders ..
dat means in the nxt 24 weeks he need to cllct 18(26-8) orders
so proportion f order to remaining weeks z 18/24= 3/4
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# 2
terrible answer,Kris,

it is simply like that,

6/(52-28) is the prop the sales to do

that means it is to do 1-(1/4)=3/4 to get it ;
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# 3
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# 4
that ,
weeks fr yr 52 and his pat weeks wr 28 ,
so rmng r 24 , his shud rcrd is 26 so ,he need cmpletsn of
18 in 24 so the proportion is 18/24=3/4
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# 5
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Wang Wen

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